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How to get your old Community profile back

Hey Community, Did you switch from using your phone number or Group ID to log in to to using an e-mail address? If so, you were probably asked to re-register to the Community, too. We figure that you may not be too happy about losing your old...


Price increase on a late 2021 Winback, really?

Hi, it seems like I am seeing this more and more here...I was a longtime customer of Fido... I think 1999/2000ish is when they initially got me with the Nokia 5190 (and I've had many phones since then, Motorola V3 RAZR, Sony T310, Iphones 3,4,5,6+,X,...

amcpires by I'm a Participant Level 1
  • 1 replies

problems for over 3 months - still not resolved!!!!!

I need to get in touch with the office of the president - and why is this so hard to even do??I have chatted, phoned - to supposed managers, as well as gone into stores umpteen times to get this issue resolved. I need to speak to someone who can reso...

SL08 by I'm a Participant Level 2
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Communicate with Fido Via E-mail

Hopefully Fido Reads this. I recently cancelled my account with you after having a conversation with you customer relations team. Because you were unable to provide me with a final bill I was unwilling to pay the current bill. I was assured that I wo...

JCTcom1 by I'm a Participant Level 1
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Random credit inquiry and poor communication.

Hello, I decided to move to Fido as Telus was overpriced for the service provided, Was super happy with my Fido service for a long long time and even provided a deposit to the retailer who set me up with fido, after a year fido refunded this and adde...