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Meet the Crew!

Hey Community! Ever wonder about the crew supporting the Fido Community? We thought it’d be a good idea to tell everyone a little bit about ourselves (yes – we are real people!). So, we came up with a short Q & A which should help you get to know us!...

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FidoStephen by Community Manager

Fido Community Terms of Use

FIDO COMMUNITY TERMS OF USE These terms of use (“Terms”) govern your conduct associated with the online support forums (the "Forums") offered by Fido Solutions, operated by Rogers Communications Canada Inc, and its affiliates (collectively, “us”, “we...

Fido Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Community! We’ve created this space to connect you with other users for support relating to our products and services. We have a Community Manager and Moderators in place, but this is also a peer-to-peer community. Like any public foru...


How to reach the Community crew

To report any technical issues with the Community, feel free to share it with us on the Feedback board, or send a PM to FidoStephen or FidoStephane. Not sure how Private Messaging works? Here are some instructions. If you’re not registered yet, you c...

Roles and Responsibilities

Hey Community! If you haven’t already noticed, there are a lot of different types of members on this Community. This page will help you better understand their different roles and responsibilities. MVP & Senior MVPs MVPs (Most Valuable Posters) are a...

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Community MVP Program

The MVP program (Most Valuable Posters) was implemented in order to recognize community members who go above and beyond the call of duty. By helping other Community members, they contribute to creating a supportive, positive, and pleasant environment...

FidoStephen by Community Manager

Accepted Solutions

An Accepted Solution is a post that the author of the thread or the Community Crew has deemed the most accurate response to their question. It also serves as a time saver; when searching the Community for answers and falling upon an Accepted Solution...

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Send and receive Private Messages (PMs)

Hey gang! This should answer all your private messaging (PM) questions! Private Messaging is a way to communicate with other Community members and the Community Crew in private. This is especially handy when you need to discuss your Fido account (pla...

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Earn badges and rank up

Hey Community! Want to show your cred in the Community (or check out someone else’s cred)? Well, the best way to do that is by earning badges and ranking up. What’s that you ask? Here’s everything you need to know about badges and ranks: WHAT ARE BAD...


Searching & Posting Tips

Hey Community! Here are some posting and searching tips to help you find what you’re looking for. SEARCH OR POST Before you post a question, use the Search tool to see if anyone else has posted the same question in the past. You’ll likely find the an...

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Customize your profile

Looking to stand out from the others? What better way than by customizing your profile here in the Community. First things first – you need to be signed in. CHANGING YOUR PROFILE PIC Let’s start with uploading a personalized profile picture. Click/ta...

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Register to the Fido Community

Hi there! Here’s everything you need to know about registering to the Fido Community. WHY REGISTER? Registering lets you take full advantage of the Community, allowing you to: Ask questions and post comments Join the conversation and answer questions...

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