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Troubleshooting your Fido internet modem

The Fido internet modem is both easy to connect and easy to use. However, just to be safe, here are some tips in case you run into any obstacles.   First off, it’s important to understand the light patterns on the modem. These indicators will help y...

What’s a notice of alleged copyright infringement?

You may have heard about legislation that came into effect January 2, 2015 requiring internet providers like Fido to forward “notices of alleged copyright infringement” from copyright holders when they believe one of that provider’s subscribers has ...

New to Fido Home Internet?

How are you enjoying your Fido Internet so far?   To make sure you’re in the know and up to date on all things Fido Internet, here’s some useful info for new subscribers:   Your Internet bill:If you’re a Fido Mobile customer, you’ll receive a separa...

How to run an Internet Speed Test

Hey Community,   Are you curious about your Fido Internet speed? Why not run a speed test?   It’s really easy. Just click here, and then click GO!     Looking for some optimization tips? Don’t worry, we got you. Click here to learn more.