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OS Upgrade Schedule

Here's the list of all of our devices along with current and upcoming software details. Scroll down to find out how an update gets to your device. Last updated: September 15, 2023 DeviceCurrent OSMost Recent Release DetailsUpcomingOS DetailsAvailab...

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FidoStephen by Community Manager

Fido Payment Program® FAQs

Before we go over all the questions you may have, here's what your invoice will look like after you upgrade your device and finance it with the Fido Payment Program:     List of the most frequently asked questions about financing.   What is the Fid...

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FidoStephen by Community Manager

How to update your SIM card

What you’ll need Your old SIM card numberYour new SIM card numberYour Fido My Account login information   Note: Before you change your SIM card, make sure to save your contacts on your phone, since you won’t be able to access them from your old SIM ...

FidoTRADE - Everything you need to know

FidoTRADE™ allows new and existing postpaid customers to trade in any used phone or tablet and get a rebate for its value. They can use it to reduce the cost of a phone or accessories when activating a line or upgrading to a new phone with or without...

How to add an email account to your iPhone

Here’s a step by step guide showing you how to add an email account to your iPhone.   Tap Settings.Scroll down and tap on Mail.Tap on Accounts.Tap Add Account.Select your email provider. If you don’t see it in the list, tap on Other → Add Mail Accou...

Things to know if you lost your phone

Hey Community,   Things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes we misplace things. Unfortunately, sometimes those things are super important, like our wallets or phones. We don’t have much advice for keeping wallets safe, but when it comes to you...

Is the phone you brought compatible?

Bring your own phone or plan on bringing one? That’s cool. It just needs to be compatible with the Fido network, which uses GSM, UMTS, HSPA and HSPA+ at 850 MHz.   To access LTE, the device must be compatible with one or more of the following: 700 M...

How to unlock your device

Hey Community,   For the curious, here are the unlocking instructions for a variety of devices:   Android and Windows Devices   1.Turn off your phone. 2. Remove your Fido SIM card from your phone.  3. Insert another carrier’s SIM card back into your...

Fido’s APN & MMS Settings

Hey Community,   Is your device compatible with the Fido network? Yes? Awesome. Now all you need are the right settings in your device.   For the curious, these settings are necessary to access the web and send picture and video messages.   If you’r...