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Fido XTRA contest winners 2022 (Part 2)

For a list of 2022 winners (part 1), click here.     Fido XTRA's Waves Coffeehouse Contest (February 10 - 23, 2022) Click here First NameLast nameCityProvincePrizeAlirezaA.RichmondBritish ColumbiaOne (1) wrap valued at $8.50.Jovita A.CalgaryAlbert...

ContestWinners_CommunityBlog_700x233_EN.jpg WavesEN.jpeg FidoStephen_0-1641925029398.jpeg 2022W6_TCL_IW_CommunityBlog_700x233_EN.jpg

Fido XTRA contest winners 2021 (part 1)

For a list of 2022 winners, click here. For part 2, click here.   One year Fido service contest (December 2021) Click here First NameLast nameCityProvincePrizePaulB.ArnpriorOntarioOne (1) month of free service DanielB.QuébecQuebecOne (1) month of ...

ContestWinners_CommunityBlog_700x233_EN.jpg FidoStephen_0-1641925029398.jpeg 2021W52_SOBEYsIW_CommunityBlog_700x233_EN.jpg 2021W51_SNNOWIW_CommunityBlog_700x233_EN.jpg

Fido XTRA contest winners 2021 (part 2)

  For part 1, click here.     Fido’s 25th Anniversary Contest (October 14 - November 7, 2021) Click here First NameLast nameCityProvincePrizeToddA.VancouverBritish ColumbiaOne (1) virtual prepaid card of $250VincentA.GranbyQuebecOne (1) virtual pre...

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Fido XTRA contest winners 2020

    Inspiring Fashion contest (January 7, 2021 - January 13, 2021) Click here FirstNameLastNameCityProvincePrizeMohammedAMontrealQuebecPin (ARV: $15)MohamedAEtobicokeOntarioPin (ARV: $15)Husseinah AEtobicoke OntarioPin (ARV: $15)ScottAWhitbyOnta...

La_Pimbeche_CommunityBlog_700X233_sRGB-EN.gif Decathlon_CommunityBlog_700X233_EN.gif _CommunityBlog_700x233_sRGB-EN.gif FID200153MA_Dec2020_PKG_CommunityBlog_700X233_E_sRGB.gif

Fido XTRA Contest winners - 2019

    Samsung Galaxy A50 contest (December 12 2019 - December 18 2019)      Click here FirstNameLastNameCityProvincePrizeDeborahLSaint-LaurentQCSamsung Galaxy A50HussainVTorontoONSamsung Galaxy A50LayPNorth BayONSamsung Galaxy A50SamanthMThoroldONS...

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Fido XTRA contest winners 2022

For a list of 2022 winners (part 2), click here.   Fido XTRA's Keurig Contest (August 25 - September 7, 2022) Click here First NameLast nameCityProvincePrizeChristopher B.OttawaOntarioOne (1) Bundle including a K-Slim Coffee Maker, a travel mug and...

ContestWinners_CommunityBlog_700x233_EN.jpg 2022W35_Keurig_CommunityBlog_700X233_EN.png 2022W34_Indigo_CommunityBlog_700X233_EN.png 2022W33_PKG_BTS_CommunityBlog_700X233_EN.png

How-to: Using NetworkAid

Ever try watching a video but it just keeps loading and you just hope that it’s not a problem with your phone? Well, with NetworkAid, you can check the status of the network right then and there.   You can find NetworkAid in the My Account app under...