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Clear Cache & Cookies in your internet browser

Hey Community!    Sometimes it may be necessary to clear your browser’s cache and cookies to troubleshoot issues with website login or pages displaying incorrectly. Click on the browser you are using below for instructions on how to do this.   Chrom...

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Resolved! Dual SIM

Hello. I have a dual sim on my iPhone 12. I'd like to forward text messaging from my Canadian number (Fido) to my US number (T mobile) when I am in the US so that I will  receive texts sent to my Canadian number when I am in the US. I'm removing the ...

Fido sim not functioning abruptly

Hi, my Fido sim seems to be not responding. Incoming calls are going to voice mail and out going calls , text mssg are not going thru. Upon changing the sim to another device, can confidently say that there seems to be a problem with the sim only as ...

Prash2 by I'm a participant level 1
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Regarding the black friday deals

Hi all, This is sam, new to the community. The finance of my device is completed looking for the cheap option. Upto your knowledge have you ever experienced the availability of lower price plans ( Data, text and talk) during the black friday that a c...

Saspretus29 by I'm a participant level 1
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Helpful Tip about 3rd Party APPS - EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS

Yesterday I clicked on the Ask Jack app in the support area and asked the agent to BLOCK - ALL THIRD PARTY APPS on all of my phone lines. It took about 5 minutes to get this done, and now I will not get any surpise charges like BANGO on my bill. Hope...

BMRBMR by I'm a participant level 2
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