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Unreal long distance charges with no warning

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Good morning for most.......I am new to this but have been a Fido member for a while now. Service is pretty good and the rates and plans are decent. 

What I am unhappy about is the over $500 in long distance charges on top of my bill. They did not warn me or accruing charges and hit me with a gigantic bill.......I had recently added 2 phones and 2 plans for my two oldest children to keep in touch and things. All was well and I was under the impression that it was unlimited north america calling........that is not the case!!!!! 


Long story short...... $500 in long distance charges for one month and there is nothing they(you) can do to rectify the issue.......but for only $15/mo it is unlimited calling????????? 


So they are charging me $500 extra and cannot fix it but could literally only have charged me $15 and I could have the phone off the hook the whole month just calling long distance for 700 hours!?


I'm hoping there is some sort of correction that can be made so I can afford to keep my services and pay my bill in full like every other month I have been.


When I called they said there was nothing they could do 🤷‍:male_sign: I don't believe it and I will continue to find someone who will work with me......or, I will send everything back and not give them a cent.....or fix my stuff and keep me for years to come.


Thank you, Conrad.



Hey @ConradH! Philippe here. I hope your doing well. Smiley


I'm totally understand your situation there. No one likes to receive an unexpectedly high bill.


That said, as this is account related, your best option is to contact us here for all your options, or you can request a PM from the community for assistance.


Have a great day!

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

It would be better if customers had an option in their account that allows to block North America long distance calls while keeping domestic/countrywide with no changes.

Hello Chemistua,


  Unfortunately, what you suggest is not possible. I understand that intuitively, it might seem possible to just block calls made to the US. However, it is not possible for the phone companies to do so. Note that it is not just a Fido issue. The blocking outgoing International calls does not block calls to US from Canada (or to Canada from US) with all the telecommunications providers -- landline or mobile (see here).


  The reason is because both Canada and the US use the same North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Blocking International calls blocks the Country codes to other countries. In fact, blocking International calls also won't block calls to the other 24 Countries either because they all use the same Country Calling code, 1. Blocking that Country code would also block calls within Canada.


  In addition, while it might seem reasonable to block area codes, it's not feasible. Within the NANP, there are at least 380 area codes -- 338 outside of Canada. Significant resources would be required to scan through the area codes prior to every call. Furthermore, as populations grow, area codes are continually being added.


Hope this helps 😀