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Bright Star is a Scam

I have been a Fido Customer since 2005, I have had different numbers and multiple phone lines with them over the years. The thing really bothers me is If you are going to provide a service then as an organisation, you must take responsibility to ensu...

SteveJobs by I'm a contributor level 1
  • 9 replies

LTE suddenly not working on iPhone 8

My phone all of a sudden stopped connecting to the LTE network and will only work on 3G, sometimes not even that. I've tried turning my phone on and off, turning airplane mode on and off, turning data on and off. Not sure what to try next. Thanks! 

DemiDoy by I'm a participant level 1
  • 9 replies

iPhone 12 estimated shipping time.

I ordered an iPhone 12 Blue 64GB recently thru fido. Are they still on back order? What is the estimated waiting time on these devices? I ask because I will not be at my shipping address over Christmas break and would like to receive the phone ASAP. ...

awrgzetsgarw by I'm a participant level 2
  • 5 replies

Got a new phone

I purchased a new phone (iPhone SE) one week ago, and I still haven't recieved anything but a confirmation that my phone will be here in one week, and it isn't. Who should I contact to to get information about this?

Iphone XS Max backorder

hello, i am a male teen. i purchased the Iphone XS Max approximately 2 and a half weeks ago with my mother and never received a shipping email.after a week, we called a few times, the first worker told us our order was still being processed in the wa...