Bright Star is a Scam

Bright Star is a Scam

Bright Star is a Scam

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Bright Star is a Scam

I have been a Fido Customer since 2005, I have had different numbers and multiple phone lines with them over the years. The thing really bothers me is If you are going to provide a service then as an organisation, you must take responsibility to ensure that the service or products works, otherwise the best thing you can do as a Business (Fido) is not offer that service in the first place. 


A year and half ago, I purchase the new Iphone outright from Apple directly, Upon activating that phone to Fido. I was offered the Bright Star insurance which i happily accepted. I thought of taking Apple Care as well but then decided I don't need to pay for two insurances.


Few months later, My phone dropped out of my hand, screen shattered, long story short. I made a claim with Bright Star, They kept on rejecting my documents without providing any reasons what so ever, When i called their call center, i learnt that they want me to send the Apple Invoice which has my phone's Imei number, I advised them i already sent them an invoice and it has serial numbers etc. Bright Star said they will only accept the one which reflects an IMEI number.


I called Apple Support, After speaking with their customer service reps, manager and other higher management, I learnt, Apple doesn't provide IMEI numbers on their Invoices anywhere in the world as it is deemed a security risk. I advised them that my insurance company will not process my claim if i don't provide them with this info, The apple Manager advised that even though he wants to help me, They don't have a format of invoices anywhere in the world where they have IMEI number's broadcasted on them. The apple Manger and some other people he brought were very curtious and were willing to do anything to help with the situation. The apple Manger advise that he will call Bright Star directly, he took my claim number and other info related to the claim, placed me on HOLD and Called Bright Star, Bright Star spoke with Apple Manager and confirmed with him that they need an invoice with IMEI number, He tried to argue that APPLE DOESN'T ISSUE INVOICES WITH IMEI NUMBERS but the agent won't budge. The Apple rep came back on the line, explained the situation to me and advised me, He asked Bright Star rep that he wants to speak with a Manager. Bright Star asked the Apple's manager to call back later, The Apple manager advised me that he will be calling them back in 30 minutes and asked me to hang on tight, Long story short after waiting another couple of days, I received a call from Apple's Manager, he confirmed that he finally spoke with someone after calling them multiple times and the issue should be resolved. After few hours of speaking with Apple Rep, I finally received confirmation in the email from Bright Star, stating Claim has been processed, Finally after all the unnecessary days spent with a broken Phone, I finally received a phone in the mail. 


Now after another year, recently my phone broke unexpectedly once again, this time I thought that Bright Star would have improved their service and I wouldn't incur the same issue, Boy O Boy, I was wrong. The process is even more difficult to go through then it was a year and some months ago. They are continuously rejecting my other documents as well now, I have been on their Portal for a week now, Posting document after document which they are rejecting just to avoid this issue, I work in Finance, If there was one thing, I am good at is PAPERWORK. HOW could you refuse documents which confirm my address, the stat Deceleration which is self explanatory and Proof of Purchase (YES that's right, the proof you Bright Star processed my claim last time) but no they are finding every reason to decline my claim. 


I think even someone with an inch of common sense understand what they are trying to achieve, This is away for them to decline people's claim and I am sure, some people deter from making a claim and move on by purchasing a new phone and discontinuing their insurance with Bright Star, but guess what they already took your insurance payments so who's the sucker?? 


My Rant is not with Bright Star but you FIDO, YOU HAVE FAILED US,  Its very unfortunate that you choose to work with a Firm, Which deceives people in this day and age, This is Highway robbery and you are part and parcel of this crime. I am sure the benefits to your corporate owners out weigh the benefits of working with a better Insurance Firm. I can assure you all these upset folks with Bright Star are infact upset with the provider (FIDO) which offered their service. 


I know this rant will not make a dent in your relationship with Bright Star but I sure, overtime it will definitely put a dent in your owners pockets and then you will respond, I hope it's not too late!!!


Hello @SteveJobs


I went over what you explained here and I'm sorry to learn that you had so much trouble with your claims.


Based on what you said here, the claim finally came through for your first claim. It looks like  you still have trouble with your 2nd claim today.


Let's take a look at your account to see what was discussed so far. I'm sending you PM, talk to you soon. 



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Yes Kenny, The world finally is the Key here!!

I am not sure how long would this claim take, perhaps weeks or months!! that's not a user experience i was anticipating!!

Hey @SteveJobs,


We had sent you a PM yesterday to take a closer look into it with you. You can get back to us when you get the chance and we'll be happy to continue helping you there!



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Yes you sent me a PM and in the PM i am asked to call Fido customer service, Which i haven't called yet but i can guarantee, I would be advised to call Bright Star directly. More waste of my time. 

Hey @SteveJobs!


We've replied to your PM and we'll continue with you there. Smiley

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A week later, still no resolution, Same issue as last time, Decline Decline!!

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Thanks Fido for making me waste another month without a resolution, countless emails, promises after promises and still nothing done, Every email you start asking from scratch as to what happened. I go over the story, next time some new asks the same questions again, Argh!! so frustrated!!!

We're truly sorry to learn this is still ongoing @SteveJobs! Please reply to our latest PM to see how we can get to the bottom of this!