LTE suddenly not working on iPhone 8

LTE suddenly not working on iPhone 8

LTE suddenly not working on iPhone 8

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LTE suddenly not working on iPhone 8

My phone all of a sudden stopped connecting to the LTE network and will only work on 3G, sometimes not even that. I've tried turning my phone on and off, turning airplane mode on and off, turning data on and off. Not sure what to try next. Thanks! 

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Hi DemyDoy!

Have you selected the Fido Carrier in your iPhone Parameters? Sometime cell phones can connect to another tower in roaming (Fido EXT), so the best way is to select Fido Carrier and disable partner network. If it's doesn't work, try to start your phone without sim, and turn off, then restart your phone with the sim in. There could be an tower outage in your area too. If the problem is not resolved, it's on fido side.

I hope i have a good answer! Very_Happy If you have more questions, i'm here to help.

Have a nice day, sincerely yours.

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I have had the same issue 4 (!) times within the last months. Reboot and resetting to factory defaults never helped. All 4 times what helped was a "reboot/reconnect" of my account by calling a Fido rep. Which suggests the problem is, first, ongoing and, second, on Fido's side. This is the last attempt I am taking today with their tech team. If they fail to resolve the issue long-term, I will switch. It makes no sense spending a lot of time on the line while trying to get through at every instance of failure.

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Were you able to have it resolved this time? Let us know so we can follow up.


Also, what's the brand and model of the device you're currently using?

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Hi Saad,
I don't think you will like it as much as I did, but I will share my user experience with you.

So, as you may have seen from my previous post, it has been my fourth instance of failure within several months, so I knew the drill. You call, wait for half an hour for an operator, ask to reconnect your device on Fido's side, and reboot on yours. The data is back. But this time, I was very determined to resolve the issue once and forever, so I asked the operator, upon finalizing the standard procedure of reconnecting, to file a sort of complaint to fix the ongoing trouble. Instead, the operator suggested "escalating" it to the gurus of Rogers. Being caught in the street and not feeling like spending another hour there, I asked the operator to let me proceed to my apartment and, after a very expected loss of network inside the building, re-call. She agreed but never came back...

Easy-peasy, another half an hour of waiting, and the next operator forwarded my call to the celestial tech department of Rogers. There, I heard a very compelling story of my 3-year old device - iPhone 8 - potentially degrading and causing this trouble to me. The story is very much questioned across the Internet (as well as the one about degrading iPhoneX), but we will leave it behind the scene for the sake of the description of my customer journey. I will only note that I have been using Apple's phones for more than a decade, with each of them surviving 5+ years without a hitch. But let's continue the great story.

The guru suggested they would press another magic button on their side, which, though, would not guarantee the resolution. Wish I had known what it meant :). We partied, my data network had already been up and running with the very first call, so I came back to my routine business. Only to find out the next day that I had been experiencing incoming calls issue right after that Rogers' office magic input. For those 24+ hours, no one could reach out to me - "the customer is unavailable" was my status.

For the third time, I called the support, got reconnected, and, yet again, advised to "escalate" the issue to the Roger's office. Would you believe it, I agreed! However, the fate (or quality of service) prevented it from happening. After another 20 minutes of waiting, I got disconnected. Never tried again. Too many chances had I given to Fido. I do not even know why I am writing all this to you. There is nothing you can do, as long as the service has drawbacks at every step. I am not sure about other providers to vouch for them, but I definitely know the one to recommend my network to avoid now.

Nothing personal Saad. Thank you for showing empathy though.

Thank you for the details @Andriy1


Apologies for al the back and forth. Just a heads up, we do offer other servicing channels that don't require you to stay on call.


To better assist you we'd need to access your account as it seems some changes were made on our end. We'll be happy to review the situation with you in hopes to have this resolved once and for all.


To get started, you can reach out to us at these channels, and a Fido representative will take it from there.

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Hi FidoSaad!

I think you can help him before he leave Fido. Your knowledge is very good and i'm satisfied with Fido service Smiley

Have a nice day to Fido Team! Smiley

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Hi Andriy1.

It's could be an tower outage, there many antenna in a tower for 3G and LTE Bands. One of the antenna could be broke.

The best way to test it it's with another fido customer in your area to see if lte bands work, if not call fido for an tower outage.

Have a nice day. Smiley I hope i have answered your questions.

I'll be here to answer you! Very_Happy Very_Happy Very_Happy Very_Happy Very_Happy


Hey Demiboy. 

This doesn't sound ritght at all. This happens indoor and outdoor as well?


Also, which phone model are you using right now?

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His phone is an iPhone 8 in the title :D.