credit balance on final bill

credit balance on final bill

credit balance on final bill

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credit balance on final bill

I have a negative balance on my final bill after closing account, should I not get a refund? Bill was issued Jan 4th it's now 30th and still nothing on my credit card. It was pre-authorized payment.

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Re: credit balance on final bill

Solved by Former Moderator FidoAmanda

Hey Fidopls!


The refund cheque is usually sent out to the address on the account, between 1 to 3 weeks after your final invoice is released. 

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Hi there,

I have a credit on my last bill and I understand you will refund me by cutting a cheque. But I would like to know which address this cheque will be sent? Billing address or servicing address, since I have moved to new address(billing address) and no longer live in servicing address.


Hey @jefflying


The cheque will be sent to your billing address. 


Was that updated before you cancelled your services? 


If not you'll have to get in touch with customer service to make the change or we can send you a PM here to help. 


Let us know! 

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Hi @FidoRanya , I changed the billing address and cancelled service on the same day. Could you send me a pm about the address the cheque will be sent?


Hey @jefflying


If the address was changed prior to cancelling you should be good to go!


Are you able to access your Fido online account? 


Is the right address there ? 


Let us know! 

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Hey @FidoRanya , I can access to my fido account and in my fido account the billing address is my current address but servicing address is my previous one.

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Hey @jefflying


In this case, you should be receiving your refund at the address that is displayed as the billing address on file.


I hope this helps clarify things. Smiley  

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Hi Pierre,


I haven't received my refund cheque. Would you please have anyone to lock it up?



Hello @jefflying Smiley


Sorry to learn you still have yet to receive the refund! 


You can contact us and we'll be happy to look into this together.


Alternatively, we can also send you a PM via the Community, should that work best for you.

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I cancelled my plan in Jule-28-2019, now I have -$31.95.In the past 3 months, I did not get any check.

Hey @lightlan!

That's odd, it should have been sent out.


I'm sending you a PM and we'll figure it out! 



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I got my final bill on August 4 and it was negative balance.

So, I’m waiting the cheque but I couldn’t get it yet.


Did you send the cheque? Or should I ask you?

Hey @YejinSeo! I hope you're doing well. Smiley


I've moved your post to this thread, as it has the answers you seek.


To confirm the details, we'll have to access your account. You can contact us here for that or we can send you a PM from the community.


Let us know.

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I cancelled my plan about a month ago for I am, and will be out of the country for approximately a year.

I received an email on May 27th, 2019 showing that my final bill is $-207.87.

I believed it was the deposit that I was supposed to receive, yet I do not remember receiving the money and cannot locate it until today.

How can I receive it?

Hey @pockyjr!
I've moved your post on this thread for you. It has the answers you're looking for. Smiley

Let us know if you have any other questions. You can also contact us here.

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Hi, after I cancelled my account, I received an e-mail for my final bill and I have a credit balance of $-14.83. Is it possible to sent the refund to my bank account? Because I’m out of country now, thanks!

Hi @aaaqq,


I moved your post in this thread as it responds to your query. Contact us here if you have any questions. 

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I had a negative balance on my final bill cycle which I got on June 12th, but I didnt recieve a cheque nor the amount got refunded on my credit card. Now I cannot contact fido via their support because my previous mobile number doesn't exist. How can I get a refund?

Former Moderator

Thanks for posting @Zune!

I've moved your post to this thread as it deals with the same topic Smiley


Since your final bill was released with a June 12th date, the refund should have been done. I'll send you a PM so we can see what happened!


See you there Very_Happy

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I have around $5 credits in my account , how to get it back to my bank account

Hey @Vividh


Most refunds are automatically made but it can depend on a few factors. 


I will send you a PM here so we can check out your account and confirm the information with you. 


Chat soon! Smiley