Suspend a plan

Suspend a plan

Suspend a plan

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Suspend a plan

Hi guys 

I want to suspend my plan cause I'm going abroad. How long will be the maximum suspension period & how much per month. Thanks for your time.

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Re: Suspend a plan

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Hello @Zoro7,


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A temporary suspension is offered for a maximum of 12 months and a minimum 2 months. The cost is $7 for each month and you can only do it once in a 12 months period.

Also something to note a temporary suspension can only be added at the beginning of a billing cycle.


If you currently have a contract you will not be eligible for a temporary suspension it is only for plans that are on a month to month.


*Last updated October 30th, 2019

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How can I suspend my plan? I tried looking on my online account, but I can't find anything.

Hi @Apollo444


The suspension has to be done by customer service. You can reach out to them here



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Hello,  I am in the same situation . I am traveling abroad for 4 months and I want to suspend my plan temporarily. How can I proceed please ? 

Hello @Absa19


To help you with this, it's best that we go over your account so we can assist you. You can find all the ways to contact us here.


If it's best for you, we can also send you a PM directly here on the Community.


Let us know what's best for you. 



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Please send me a private message to suspend my plan

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Hey @JiahaoJian


I'll send you a PM.


Talk to you soon!

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Hey! can I get a PM to suspend my plan. 

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Hey @judekhalili


Sending a PM your way. Talk to you soon! 

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Hey! can I also get a PM to suspend my plan. 

Hey @liuaojonathan,


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We sure can. Sending you a PM shortly so we can continue. 😊

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Hi guys,


I'm wondering if there's a way that allow me to suspend my phone plans (which contains 2 mobile lines), as I'm going abroad for 2 months. I already know that the suspension can also be added at the beginning of the billing cycle, however, my start date of billing cycle is pretty close to the end of a month, do I really have to pay for the rest of the unused month? 

Plus, when I come back to Canada, when and how can I resume my phone plan?

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Hey @Eulina, thank you for reaching out to us about your situation! 

I've moved your post here as this thread deals with temporary suspension.

We can suspend at $30 per month however it has to start as of the new cycle. Any fees before it starts would still apply. You also need to make sure to not be on an agreement to apply a temporary suspension.


If you have any further questions for your account specifically, you can send us a private message or contact us through our other channels here: 



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Thanks a lot for for your information Dolby!

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Hi! Im visiting outside Canada, therefore, i would like to freeze my account for 2 months. How can i do it online ? my new cycling is on 27th. 

Hey @quan53!


I've moved your post here as you can find all the details! 


We can suspend it as of the 27th of July for 2 months Smiley The cost is $30 per month, to get it done please contact us. If you prefer, we can also PM you here on the Community, just let us know.



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Hi Nick. I currently have a 2-month temporary suspension on an account priced at $7/month ( it was initiated in May 2019 before the June price increase). Can I extend that for another month at the $7/month rate? 

Hey @AtomX,


It's definitely possible to have the suspension extended, however, the new price will apply since the $7 option is no longer available.


If you'd like to go ahead with it, we can send you a PM on the Community or you can reach out here.


Let us know!

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I am not in Canada from August 7th to September 4th. I will be in Korea for a month. So could it stop 'fido' for almost a month? Let me use it again on September 5th.



Hi @salmondream


Welcome to Community Smiley


I moved your post to this thread as it deals with the same topic. 


I hope it helps.

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I want to freeze my number for two months starting today until the end of august, how can i do that?