How to remove Data top-ups

How to remove Data top-ups

How to remove Data top-ups

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How to remove Data top-ups

I added 2 Data top up Add ons couple months ago and I see I'm still being charged for them and I cant figure out how to remove them off my plan. Ive gone to change my plan on the Fiso app and site and only lets me do changes to my actual plan, not the add ons. I'm being charged an extra $50 a month and don't want it. 

Now currently on hold with a wait time of 48 mins to hour and 13 mins with Fido, anyone know how to remove Add one?

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Hey @Adela123


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To cancel a Data Top Up you have to send the word CANCEL to the number 222 from your device


You can view all the info regarding this here. Smiley

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Hi, I have the same problem. I texted "CANCEL" and sent it to 222 and it replied: "Sorry! You don't currently have a monthly data add-on". However, when I checked my account, the add on is still listed there. Please help me resolve this problem.


Thank you and have a nice day!

Hey @Rain12,


When you text CANCEL to 222, the top up is removed for the next billing cycle only, therefore it would still show on the app until then if it was removed correctly. By all means, please reach out to one of our customer service agent reps here and we can look into this with you. 😊  

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I'm having similar issues.  I ended up adding two top ups, and after repeated attempts to remove them as described via text, it tells me there isn't any there and it's still on my bill.  I'd like this removed before my next bill and can't get it done on my own

Hey RedMageX! 


You can get in touch with us here or we can send you a PM on the community. Let us know what you prefer! 


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I've tried to cancel  my Data Top Up by SMS CANCEL to 222 when I left Canada for an over seas assignment.

It now November and I'm being charged since August.  I've tried resending CANCEL to 222 but its not working.

Any other way to solve this?


Hey @avawda,


The only other way to remove the Data top up is by speaking to a customer service representative. You can reach out to one here or we can send you a PM on the community, let us know what you prefer. 



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hello , 

How can I remove the data add from my plan ? 

I sent to 222 CANCEL but it didn't work 

 Hey @Ain1,


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I have moved your message in this thread as it is about the same topic.


Do you follow the prompts till the end and if so, what's the error you get? You can also upload a screenshot of the error here.





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Same here CANCEL to 222 didn’t work, please help 

Hey @alexrusev

I'll send you a PM so we can have a look into this. Smiley Talk to you soon! 




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Same problem here. I sent CANCEL to 222 and it didn't work. I'm still being charged and the two add-ons are still displaying on my usage and service details 

Hey @RachelWang


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I'll send you a PM so can have a closer look at the details! 


Talk soon! 

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This happened to me as well!

I texted CANCEL to 222, Fido still charged me, so I called them and got a refund. I thought it would finally be resolved, but surprise! I get charged again and again month after month. Every time I try to remove it, I get a message that I have no data-top ups. However, every month on my bill, there is clearly a "Monthly Data Top-up" being charged.


This is getting ridiculous and looks pretty shady. I wonder if they are doing it on purpose to scam people who don't look at their bill carefully? It’s a shame because I've usually had good experiences with Fido, but this is making me reconsider...


Hey @mprevost,


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That does seem odd. We'd need to take a closer look at your account to see what's going on. That said, I assure you there is no scam involved here. I am pretty sure we can find the cause together.


I'll send you a PM. Talk soon.



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Super helpful, they're tricky lol

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HUGELY helpful - thank you!!!


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I want to cancel my monthly top up on my data for my monthly plan.

Hey @Rahim2,


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I have moved you post in this thread as it is about the same topic. 


I am sure you'll find the answer here. Smiley


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Hey I am having same issue here, I am still being charged with the data top-up that I applied a couple of months ago. I have tried to send a message to 222 to cancel and still not getting a response saying I don't have any data top-up

Hey @kelvinkkl!


Happy to help you with that. Smiley


The text message response you got means that you no longer have a data top-up for your next billing cycle. If you want us to check your account to be sure, we can send you a PM or you can contact us here.


Let us know!