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'Service' is a strong word

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I contacted multiple people through the Ask Jack feature about a device I upgraded (from a Fido text) and there were so many issues with my order, I may not stay with Fido once this contract is up.

When I placed the order, I was told I could contact someone to change the shipping address. So I did. They cancelled and re-ordered my phone for me. I lost the deal that Fido offered me in the text and am now going to be charged the remaining balance on my phone (which I will be fighting once I get my bill; it was to be waived as per the text from Fido). Then, the order confirmation says the wrong shipping address again. So I contact another representative. They ensure me it will be delivered to the correct address and everything is ready to go. The confirmation email from that interaction still has the wrong address, but I am told to trust the representative. 2 days later what happens? It's delivered to the wrong address and I have to get a family member to mail it to me at my expense. It took a week of back and forth between me and representatives to not end up getting my phone delivered to the correct address.


If your representatives say they've fixed a problem, and assured me it IS fixed (as they did in our chats), I expect it to be fixed. Nice people, terrible 'service' on Fido's part.


Not to mention this could have all been fixed if I was able to edit my shipping address while placing the order, but only my billing address was able to be selected. Not sure if this is a website/UX error but it's what started this bad experience.


I don't want one of your representatives to reply to this asking me to contact them directly, because what's done is done. I do want you to work on your website to ensure people can edit their shipping address. Based on other posts here, this is not the first time this issue has come up.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @bethanyloshusan!


We're real sorry that this experience was so frustrating - we always want getting a new phone to be quick and hassle-free for our customers! Smiley


In terms of orders placed on, or address changes, there are some restrictions in place and these are there in order to protect your account. A phone ordered online can only be sent to the billing address. If you update your billing address, then a 30-day wait period applies before you can order and get a phone shipped to the new address.


We do thank you for the feedback though, we take it all into considerations as we understand there's always room for improvement. We hope you got your phone and that you're enjoying it! Smiley