Billing dispute

Billing dispute

Billing dispute

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Billing dispute


I am a fido customer and I like fido services when its being one or two weeks after I bought the fido sim. As I am new to the country, I don't know much about fido, rogers and any other companies but I bought fido because I was referred that fido is best. Its my mistake that I believe on the person who referred me, moreover, I did another big mistake that I trust a "Fido Agent". I was told that you're getting every notifications about when you're about to exceed your "data limits" as well as "your international calling limits". Even there is a data protection coverage plan with 1000 long distance minutes but when I call internationally to india most probably, I was expecting that fido will notify me when I am close to the limits but It never notifies me even once. And, as I am new to country, I did not know about how to use fido app and how to check all the things in the fido app. The agent did not explain me anything about that and how you are treated with fido services. I was happy at first but when I call customer care, they again misguided me, told me the wrong things, at this time I again believe them and move forward. But, when i get to know from other fido users that the things that i asked from fido was totally different from the replies of other fido customers. Then I realised, fido is misleading and I feel that fido is dishonest, they're having lack of knowledge. If they are not sure about the things then they should tell their customers the true thing rather than telling them the lies. 


Now, the story is what is like the most dangerous thing happened to me, its only because I trusted fido. As I came to canada as a student and caught in a big trap called "A fido trap" that screws their loyal customers like a goat in the trap. The trap is that fido sent me a huge amount of bill without notifying me about the exceeding usage. As I never got the notification from fido, then how would someone know that they are exceeding their limits. Even I can check my long distance minutes by tracking it on my phone but I get to know tis feature to track your minutes after I received my bill. Now, what to do with this thing? as now I got the bill. Its not my mistake as your agents never told me how to track the minutes. If I was notified even once from fido, then why the hell am i call to somebody internationally. Neither people like to do something that was over ride his whole life. As a student how i will manage the huge amount only for a phone bill? Paying a large amount just for a phone bill its not a joke at all, even it was not my mistake at all. I needs their atleast two month pay i guess. Moreover, due to corona virus, I don't have a job that fulfill my requirements. Many businesses are closed due to lockdown. 


The story did not end here, I want somebody to reply me as soon as possible before my blling due date ( 13 march). I call fido customer care to explain my bill, so they transferred my call to your credit operation department, and when i talked to someone there they told me something totally different thing from other agents. The things they told not matches to others statements even one percent. So, eventually I was get to know that how fido dishonest is. How their agents has lack of knowledge and they are about to misguide their customers. 


I was not able to pay the amount because I don't have sufficient money even i was not notified once. If I get the the warning or any information, then I would stop at that time. But, this is how your agents treat their users to inefficient knowledge.


Hello @rishabh18247,


Welcome to the community! 


I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience, it isn't our intention. We do our best to give you the most precise information and tools so you never have an unexpected bill. 

If you still need help going over your charges or if you have any questions on how to use your Fido app, feel free to contact us over these methods.