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Bill dispute - charged for international minutes

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been charged $300!!!!! for long distance calling. This is absolutly wrong and incorrect.


My plans offers me a 1000 minutes of international calling and they overcharged me in recent cycle and even if I am trying to call them to know the status, i dont see much willinges to accept the mistake at thier end.


Below is the sequene of the events so far.


25 Sep 2020-

I was surpsised to receive a text message from Fido that i am approaching my $500 credit limit. I immediately called the customer care to know about it and they told me that i was charged for long distance calls because i used free 1000 minutes and used another 300 more minuts.  I told him that "My Fido" applicaiton never showed me that i was over consuming my long distance calls. Also I even didnt receive a single message/notification about it. How can you keep charging the customer without even telling them if your app does not show them right data of usage or you dont sent any headsup about it ?

Customer care person told me that he would send this request to next level.


28 Sep 2020-

I received a call from some Fido supervisor telling me that these charges are legit and they can'd do anything in it. When i asked why their app was not showing the right uagae or why i didnt get any notification, she told me that I need to keep an track on my phoen call ????   Are you kidding me, during this internet world, do i need to make an XLS and keep tracking of all of my calls???  Or should i rely on your app???

I told her that adjust my next 3 months free calls, I dont them , i would rather buy a $10 international calling card, but i can't pay $300 for Fido mistake.


As she could not answer my valid reasons, i asked them what i can do in this situation because there was no fault from my end . The Supervisor told me that she would send the case of the next level.


02 Oct 2020

I called the customer care and they told me  today that my dispute was closed and i have to pay the bill. I was like, NO ONE send me any communication about the dispute clousure. While I am calling them to know the status now, i was told that this inquiry is closed. Again this customer care has no answer for my valid questions.


Is this the way Fido company operates here in Canada ?  I am so sorry to say but its not ethical that you are charging customer due to your data mismatch fault, not giving them proper heads up for over charges. On top of that how can you close a dispute of $300 without intimating the customer about the final decison when customer is holding line for 1 hour during each Fido cutomer call????


I am not sure what should be my option here but I will not let Fido rob me  by this wrong billing and will send this to their higher authorites.  If any one has any suggestion, please do let me know. Thanks for reading this post.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

The Same happened to me. I contacted them and told them about the problem. The first time, the employee was taking it seriously and wanted to help but held me on the line for 13 minutes. Then, I hung up and  second time the costumer service staff behaved quite differently and simply said she could not do anything about it. My bill is 168 $ which included 112$ for international call. Honestly I did not know that there are only certain countries outside Canada which we can make a call to.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Any update on this, same happened with me, send the bill of $835.(814 mintues)... .saying you used more than 1000 international minutes (free minutes ) -- I never got any message (you reached to limit) or any voice , saying long charges applies..... 


Did you pay  bill or how it sorted out.......

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3



Same happened to me. Were they able to help you?

Please let me know what did you do?

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Kumar81


Welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to read you received a bill that is higher than what you expected. I can definitely understand it is not fun. 


To better asisst you, you can reach out to us through these methods and we'll be happy to look into it