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How to safely clean your phone

We make sure to wash and sanitize our hands all the time, but how often do you properly clean your phone? How often do you use your phone each day, after touching other things? Well, it’s almost 50 ti...


How to register to online billing

Hey everyone, You can easily and securely view and pay your monthly bill on or the Fido My Account app whenever you like. Simply register for My Account (if you haven’t yet already) and sign u...


Are you still receiving scam texts?

Hey Community, Some of you are likely asking yourselves “when are these scam texts going to stop?!” Well, we don’t have the answer to that right now, but what we can do is help you identify a scam. Th...


Are you getting Error 500?

Hey Community, If you're experiencing "HTTP Error 500" messages while browsing the Community using the Chrome browser, we recommend that you make sure you've installed the latest version of Chrome (62...


Stay up to date with the OS Upgrade Schedule

Hey Community! Have you ever wondered what the latest OS version was or when you’ll get the next update? Well, we’ve got you covered. For those who aren’t aware, the Community harbours Fido’s OS Upgra...


Have any tricks up your sleeve?

Hey Community! Let’s talk tips & tricks, shall we? Just about a year ago, many of you shared your advice, word to the wise, two cents, knowledge and hints in the Tips & Tricks board. In the spirit of ...


Pokémon Go draining your battery?

Hey Community! Is Pokémon Go getting the best of your battery? We hear that this new, incredibly popular game is quite the gas-guzzler. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise though; the game fires up you...


Do you have Device Protection?

Hey everyone! *** NOTE *** As of Feb. 1, 2018, we’re switching our device protection program to a new provider, Brightstar, who’ll have your back should something happen to your device. On top of prov...


2 ways to activate Spotify Premium

Hey Community! How’s everyone enjoying Spotify so far? Wait, what’s that? You didn’t activate Spotify Premium yet? No problem, we’ll show you how. Here are two different ways to go about activating Sp...