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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)



We make sure to wash and sanitize our hands all the time, but how often do you properly clean your phone? How often do you use your phone each day, after touching other things? Well, it’s almost 50 times per day.


First thing’s first, try not to touch your phone when your hands are dirty or not sanitized. Should go without saying, but I’m guilty.


Before you get started, clean your hands! Once your hands are clean, make sure that your phone is off, unplugged, and remove your case if you have one (don’t forget to clean your case too!).


  1. Clean off your device with a dry cloth, like a microfiber one or a lens cloth.
  2. If you use a disinfectant, make sure it’s safe to use on mobile devices.
  3. Do not spray disinfectant directly onto your device. You should just barely dampen part of the cloth – don’t soak it!
  4. Samsung suggests that you can also use distilled water and ethanol or isopropyl alcohol (more than 70%). Apple has similar suggestions but cautions about using certain cleaning products based on the iPhone finishes.
  5. Avoid all ports and openings, like the charging port and headphone jack.
  6. Gently wipe the front and back of the phone without applying much pressure.
  7. Let the device completely air-dry before turning it back on or plugging anything in.


For specific instructions, here are direct links to manufacturer’s websites: