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How to add an email account to your phone

Hey everyone! Here’s a step by step guide showing you how to add an email account to your phone. This was a suggestion by our MVP, @10yearfido (thanks!). Let’s begin with iOS: Tap Settings. Scroll dow...


Traveling outside the country this summer?

Hey Community! It’s traveling season, and as we all know, that means beaches, BBQs, sun burns, and cellular roaming. So before you pack up and get on that plane, make sure you have all the essentials,...


How to stay on top of your data usage

Hey Community! We thought we’d share a few tips and tricks with everyone regarding mobile internet since it’s a pretty hot topic nowadays. The Fido My Account app is your best bet to track your usage....


Lights, smartphone, action!

Looking to watch a sweet vid or movie on your phone? Why not blow that image up using your own homemade projector? All you need is a shoe box, a magnifying glass, a pair of scissors, tape, and some ty...


How to upload an image to use as my avatar?

Hi Community! Avatars are a great way of sharing a part of your persona with other Community members. It doesn’t have to be a portrait or selfie (although that is common); it could be anything that al...