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Daily usage

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Does anybody know how I can see my detailed daily usage on the app.? The app shows me the total data usage, and there is a button for detailed usage, but it provides nothing at all. Apparently I used a GB today while sitting at home using Wi-Fi. I would think the app would show me some sort of a breakdown or time of day of usage but nothing at all.....


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm looking for this as well . Bell gave me instant full details of usage at my fingertips - I'm not impressed that I can't see this . Wishing joe I hadn't switched . Just assumed they all had modern day detailed billing 😞 

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

It is astonishing in this digital self-serve era that there is no way for FIDO customers to track detailed usage or billing charges until after the billing cycle has passed and the bill is issued.

I mange four cell accounts on my FIDO plan and wanted to know whether I was being charged roaming fees. No luck in the app. No luck on the web. Even the nice cusotmer service representaive did not have any insight into my current usage. Boo.

Hello Fcarter452,


  I can understand wanting to be able to track your accounts' usage. I believe the app's representation of usage is as real-time as possible when in Canada. Unfortunately, I don't think the same is possible when roaming.


  While it might not take a month for Fido to receive your usage, it does not happen in real-time.


       For post-paid roaming, when the user first switches their phone on, the visited network checks in real time whether the home network authenticates the customer and authorises its use abroad...  ~ taken from here.


  That would result in the Welcoming Abroad text message we receive when our phones connect to a foreign network.


       ...But the data records (CDRs) with the details on each SMS and data session are sent to the home operator with some delay (up to several days).. ~ also taken from link above.


  If home networks don't receive usage information in real-time, it's not possible for them to provide customers with notification that a roaming session has begun without a delay.


  The situation is different with pre-paid services where a real-time exchange is required to prevent the balance of the roaming customers' accounts from becoming overdrawn. That's likely the reason why pre-paid roaming often costs more than post-paid roaming.


Hope this helps 😀





Hey @BRIAN9987,


Welcome to the community! 


Based on the phone you have, some do track the data used per apps on your phone, though you might need to edit some information to it matches your billing cycle.


For iPhones; Usage is tracked however you have to manually reset every new cycle. You can find out more here.


For Android phones; usage is tracked as well and you can set it to reset every new cycle.


  • Samsung devices click here
  • Google devices click here


If you have another phone other than the 3 above, you can always perform a quick google search with the device model + data tracking, you will most likely be redirected to the official support page for your device manufacture that way! 😊


I do hope this helps, and if anything feel free to contact our support team

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hello Fidolony,

I could be wrong, but I think you misunderstood Brian9987's request. 

He's asking how to see detailed, not aggregate usage data, using the FIDO app. 

It appears this is not possible using the FIDO app.