Fido App Not Working - v3.3/Real-time Usage

I'm Qualified Level 3
I'm Qualified Level 3

Fido App Not Working - v3.3/Real-time Usage

Hello Fido forum,


I just wanted to report some technical issues I've been experiencing since updating to version 3.3 of the Fido My Account. This app update introduced "real time mobile data usage tracking". At first, real time data usage was being display but since yesterday I'm back to "updated 12 hours ago", no more real time reporting.


More importantly, since updating to version 3.3, I often get the spinning loading icon when trying to view my usage and it keeps spinning forever. Other tabs like Phone and Plan within the Usage tab, Billing, etc work without issue -- only the "Usage" page within the Usage Tab fails to load.


In addition, my FIDO XTRA page comes up blank or the FIDO XTRA link on the Usage tab is missing all together since updating the app. Today is Thursday and I cannot view my Fido Xtra offers as it is only available via the Fido app. See the screenshots below as proof.


Trust me, I've forced closed the app numerous times, rebooted my phone, and am very familiar with the Fido My Account app as I've been using it for years. These issues only started since updating to version 3.3 on August 21, 2018. Please fix these technical issues soon, thank you!



Fido App v3.3 Pic1.png     Fido App v3.3 Pic2.png     Fido App v3.3 Pic3.png

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Re: Fido App Not Working - v3.3/Real-time Usage

Hey @nick67! Thanks for sharing Smiley


We do thank you for the feedback and in regards to the real-time usage, we are aware. 


We have temporarily removed access to Real-Time Data usage while we work on fixing this. In the meantime, your data usage will be displayed with a delay of up to 12 hours and your total data allowance will be reflected accurately.

  • We’ll keep sending you data usage notifications when you reach 90% and 100% of your plan’s data allowance.
  • You may refer at all times to the “Your Services Include” section of your invoice for confirmation of what’s included in your plan.

We do apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused @nick67 and rest assured that we'll restore the functionality as soon as we can!


In terms of FidoXTRA and the loading, you did mention trying some things. Have you by any chance tried to completely uninstall the application and then installing it again? Also, have you tested on both LTE as well, I notice in the picture it was on Wi-Fi.


Let us know!



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