Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

Not receiving all text messages!

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Not receiving all text messages!

I had an iphone 6 and upgraded to an LG G5 recently with a new sim card. I have noticed from several different contacts that i am not receiving all of my text messages. I am super frustrated and I have tried turning off the VoLTE and it has not helped. Someone please help!!



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Re: Not receiving all text messages!

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Hi everyone!


LG began to roll out an update to the default messaging in October to fix this issue.


Some of you have mentioned that you're still experiencing issues following the update; can you all confirm that any third party SMS applications are removed, and ensure that your stock messaging app is updated to version


Thanks. Smiley

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To verify that you're on the latest version, go in Play Store, tap on the menu and select My Apps. Select the app you want to update and then continue Smiley 


As for the issue itself, is it with specific contacts or anyone who texts you?



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It shows that all of my apps are up to date.  However I am only at 5.30.47 not .  How else can I get this update?


It is on and off with all of the regular contact.  As for my other contacts, I can't tell if I am having issues.

Hey @Birds138!


The update will roll out slowly to all customers with the LG G5 you should get it within the next few weeks.

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I have the update now and it has not improved the situation.  I want a new phone. This is ridiculous!!!!!

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Same goes for me. I've been having this problem since the last 2 weeks and with the app update yesturday, it still hasn't change. I would recommend just going to the app store and getting another messaging app to see if it makes a difference. I just downloaded one this morning and will test it out during the day. 

Hi there @Birds138!


Is it version of the app that you have?



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Thanks @Birds138 . Can you also confirm which App you are currently using to send/receive SMS? 

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The default messaging app.

Thanks for confirming @Birds138, is the app you are using called ''messages''?



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It is "Messaging"

Hi @Birds138,


PM coming your way. 

Hi @Birds138,


Did you get the latest update for your messaging app?

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I assume so.  I have my phone set to automatic update.  How do I find out what version it is running?


Hey @Birds138


You should be able to find the version in the App info in your settings Smiley


You can also make sure it's updated by checking in the App store if there's anything.

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I am running 5.30.47. What app store do I use? Playstore? If so what do I look up for the update?

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I just started having this issue appariantly a week ago ppl sending me screenshots of sending me messages and im not recieving them.. It happens with certain people the most n others once in awhile... Any way to fix this?


Im also using the LG G5

Welcome to the Community @Xjosejalapenox

An update is on its way to help with this issue. We're still waiting on the exact date it will start rolling out but it shouldn't be much longer.


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@FidoAlyson is there any new news about this? Is it out yet?

Hey @Xjosejalapenox


Can you confirm which version of the App you see when you go through your phone's settings?


Once you pull up the Messaging App in the settings, there should be a section called App Info. The App version should be displayed there. 

Hey @Dimo and welcome to the Community.


Thid dosn't sound good at all. 


DId you get a chance to try your sim card in a different Fido device.

Let me know.