Huawei P10 and P10 plus

Huawei P10 and P10 plus

Huawei P10 and P10 plus

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Huawei P10 and P10 plus

Why do not I still receive the new Android 9 software? On my Huawei P10 Plus, if it has already been released since April 24

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We wanted to let you all know that we've just heard back from Huawei and anyone with a P10 will receive the Android P update by June 5, and those with a P10+ will receive it by May 30.


It will be paired with the May SMR, which is the most recent update.


Thanks everyone for your patience!

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Hi fido

We update the Huawei P10 from the to the new security and software updates that was already released for these mobiles?

Hey there @JoelRR, you can take a look at the update schedule here

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Hi Daniela, how are you? , well on this page the huawei P10 plus does not appear, but and it is a mobile phone that many of us still use

Hey @JoelRR


To check if you have the latest updated OS installed on your phone, you can do so by manually checking in your phone's settings.


On a side note, are you perhaps inquiring if there's a new update to be released for this device? If it's currently not on the list then there's not new updates being released as far as we know. Have you perhaps tried reaching out to the manufacturer to confirm?


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Hi, I ask you a question, will you give us the new update 9.1.0 planned for August for the Huawei P10 PLus?

Hey @JoelRR


The updates are normally announced on our OS Upgrade page. Stay tuned there for any upcoming updates. 

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Anyone get the emui 9.1 update yet? A week later and I still haven't recieved it.. 

Hello @jm6262


The roll out started on August 7th and are going up until August 21st.


You might get it a little later, but no worries, I'm sure you will get it soon.


Keep us posted if you don't get it by then.



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hello good morning, a question already in China was released the beta of Android 9.1 for the would be P 10 in a few days will be official for the whole world if there is no problem, Fido also gives us that update?

Hello JoelRR,


  Beta versions are not released to the general public as they are still being tested. People who wish to participate with the testing process need to enroll for the beta program. To do so, you would need to download the Huawei Beta Club app (see here and here).


  As such, mobile providers won't be providing the Emui 9.1 beta update.


Hope this helps 😀




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You probably can't use the beta version of emui 9.1.. This seems to be available only for European and Asian users. You can dload the beta app but you can't get access to the necessary Huawei Mobile Services. 

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Since the update to EMUI 9 on Huawei P10, the phone has problems in displaying the menu info. For Example I go in the mobile network section, and just see a white menu. See Attached picture.

There are a lot of menus I cannot see.

Thanks for the help.

Hey @younj!


That's definitely odd. 


Have you tried performing a factory reset of the device to see if that helps?


Let us know!

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No I have not tried, I wanted to see if there was a more simple way.

I'll do that and keep you updated.

That is one of the troubleshooting step at this point @younj.


Let us know how it goes.

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@FidoNickMy device was purchased from Fido online but I'm not sure if both Fido and Rogers phones come from the same distribution center? I still haven't received the update on my Huawei P10.

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I still haven't received the Android Pie update for my Huawei P10. I am curious if anyone has received the update on the standard Huawei P10 not the Plus model?

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Hi there, do you know when the P10 is going to receive this update?  The VTR-L09 model?  Appreciate any input.

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Got my P10 (VTR-L09) update yesterday... Surprised it has not rolled out yet to everybody...