How is the Huawei P10?

How is the Huawei P10?

How is the Huawei P10?

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How is the Huawei P10?

I have a small pulse plan and have 2 months left on my contract.  I was one of the lucky ones who got an almost  useless LGG4 which needed a new mother board within few months of purchase.  Has been in for servicing a couple of times and now works so-so.  I have looked at upgrades and it seems only LG phones come with small plan.  I am late 50's and barely touch what data I have so do not want to pay more for more of what I don't use.  They have  Huawei P10 available on 0$ upgrade.  So does anyone have any experience with this phone and how reliable is it? I take a lot of pictures, use a few apps, do not play other than a couple of word games.  So light basic usage for an old lady lol. I appreciate any comments.


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Hey @ayrdale!


Being a Huawei P10 user myself, I had to add my two cents Very_Happy


I love it, there is no other way to put it. I appreciate its slick design, when in the hand it resembles the feeling of an iPhone 7 but a tad heavier (which I prefer). Speed wise, I have nothing bad to say! It runs any apps smoothly and the display is vibrant.


The phone itself is surprisingly resistant, I've dropped it more times than I can count and it still looks like it's new! And before anyone asks, yes, I have the Fido Device protection. LOL

Finally, the camera. It's one of the main perks of the Huawei P10 series! Made by Leica, the dual-lenses offer a professional quality rendering. You're able to play with the camera's settings the same way you'd do with a professional camera. There's also an automatic mode for those less familiar with it. If you like taking pictures, the Huawei P10 is made for you. Smiley


I hope this helps you make your decision. As FidoAmanda said, the prices are subject to change!





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Hey ayrdale!


Don't worry about your title at all! I actually edited it for you so that everyone will have a better idea about what you're looking for. 


It's unfortunate to hear that you haven't enjoyed your experience with your LG G4 but I'm sure everyone here on the Community will be able to help you find the just right phone for your needs!


@Community, Does anyone have any experience with the Huawei P10 or any feedback that they would like to share?


Also, we are currently offering the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime at $0 on a contract with a Small plan as well, in case the Huawei P10 is not your speed. If anyone has any feedback they'd like to share about Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime too, it'd really help! 


Just don't forget that our offers change often and without notice so it is possible for this pricing to change. 



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I have no idea why is says **bleep** in my post.  I did not use anything that would be inappropriate....I may have said cra..y phone.  Sorry if anyone thinks I was using an offensive word Sad