plan price and payment program

plan price and payment program

plan price and payment program

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plan price and payment program

hey fido team and i want to better understand the new price plan and payment program.   it is designed to be more transparent with how much the plans are and how much you pay for more subsidies correct?


and after 24 months i only have to pay the plan price no more payment program if i have plan of 60 and device of 40 ..100 monthly for 24 months..on 25th month bill will automatically be 60

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HI @randaya,


You are correct at month 25 you will no longer have a monthly Fido Payment Program charge, you can learn more about the Fido Payment Program here.

I'm a Contributor Level 2 tell me this..if iphone 11 full price is 1075 and byod plan for talk and text is $35 ..over 24 months total cost with hardware is $1915  but with payment plan phone is about $40 per month and the same talk and text plan no data is $60  over 24 months that comes to $2400 over 24 months... ...then your back to paying $60 fpr the plan so where is the price difference between byod and meduim plan going towards...that is $25 per month???? do you feel there is any discounts or deals in those? 


people lie...numbers dont..i would really love a reply from fido or mvps on that

Hello Randaya,


  Firstly, you're discussing two rather different payment models. As mentioned in a different thread, many of the providers used to use a subsidised model. On the other hand, Fido recently switched to a fiananced model. You can read further on the different model types here.


  Your original question to start this thread was regarding the financed model. However, your calculations above seem to relate to the older subsidised model. With the new Payment Program, there are no BYOP or medium plans. While there has been some debate in these forums regarding the term device subsidy, it has generally been more costly to subsidise a device than to purchase it outright (see here).


Subsidy model (as per your numbers):

Upfront cost: $960 (I assume that's how you came up with the $40 per month)

Plan $60 (amount towards phone $25)

Total cost of phone: $960 + ($25 x 24 mts) = $1560


Financed model (numbers currently found on for Ontario; note: you can only finance that device with a Data,Talk & Text plan):

Upfront cost: $240

Financing: $33.33

Total cost of phone: $240 + ($33.33 x 24 mts) = $1039.92


  Yes, it would have been more cost effective to purchase the device outright compared to subsidising. However, that point would now be moot since Fido has moved to a financed model.


Hope this helps 😀





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those calculations are based on website upgrade option on a 15yr are screenshots






Hey @randaya,


Your Medium tab plan, would indicate that you are currently on an ongoing 2 year term. Is that the case?


If your contract is already over and you're looking to upgrade, you will need to switch from your Medium tab plan to switch to an eligible in-market plan.


To clarify, most of our Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) plans are eligible for the Fido Payment Program (FPP) device offers. However, certain plans will require you to switch to a Fido Payment Program plan in order to upgrade your phone. In other words:

  • We don't provide the Fido Payment Program with the old tab plans.
  • Some upgrades will not be available on a BYOP plan, and will require an FPP plan instead.
  • Most FPP plans are the same price as a BYOP plan.

Alternatively, if you are still in an ongoing 2 year term, Medium tab plans will be available for your line in case you wish to change plans..That said, the options will be for the same plan category only, a Medium tab plan to avoid a downgrade/opting out of your contract.


Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any questions.

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contract will end in april 18 as per account information hence i am shopping around to find better hardware upgrade deals or a better byod plan with fido since i have been with fido for a long time..~15 yrs...inwould expect a better deal...but even on a byod plan honestly..its **bleep** offers better byod plan to migrate from prepaid to postpaid laughable.  so for now...i got a prepaid with another provider....will wait and see for their 5+1gb migration offer in 30 days...or see if fido can give better deals once time comes arround

We always want our customers to have the best pricing possible @randaya and we do our best to keep things as competitive as we can!

We pack our plans with tons of features that you can check out here. We'll also be happy to review your options, just reach out or if you prefer a PM here on the Community let us know.



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i have reached out and everyone is like a robot reading off the same script ...those offers are exclusive..targeted....blah blah blah. no one has the capacity to think and look for beyond what is available from web or even offer discounts as some other reps are able to do..i guess its all about luck of actually getting a real person who puts themselves in customer shoes and not the bots or reps who only want to work or do the minimum work

All our reps have access to the same promotions @randaya and we want the most people possible to take advantage of offers.


That said, we also want our self-serve tools such as to be available for our customers and to also provide all the best offers. This is why many times the offers you see on your online account are the same ones our reps have access to.


Our offers and promos do change often though, it's a good idea to check back from time to time.



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If fido values loyalty, specially from customers over 10 should send a text with special promos.  Be customer more centric.   We have better things to do than keep on checking if fido has special promotions.  As I mentioned many times...Fido's "win back"  promotions are better than what is being offered to some customers like myself who is trying to renew...does that look like fido values loyalty?   


Here is the other thing:   I brought up in twitter conversation and here on forum that some fido insiders are selling their services to get customers better deals.   I asked for that message to be brought up to the management and to get them to contact me on that.   No word on that tells me customer service is not bringing customer concerns up the chain to get resolved as they are only looking out for their own self interest.   


To other customers reading this: Am I the only one that feels fido does not value loyalty?  

We certainly thank you for your loyalty and your suggestions!


As we previously stated, our offers and promos do change often though, it's a good idea to check back from time to time. Smiley

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