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COVID19: Thank you FIDO phone support folks

I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1


been a while.


Just want to send out a big thanks to the folks at the FIDO customer supprt center on the phone.

My wife as told she could work from home for the next 3 weeks, and do all the meetings and handle sharePoint files remote from home. They even gave her a company phone with a full prepaid data plan because we live in a rural area with no cable, no wifi, no fibre, and no home internet. Everything is done with mobile data. Or dial-up  😱

But her company is a BELL corporate client. So the phone had a BELL connection. Ooops. LTE -120dBm signal. Set it to "anything but LTE" and got a good solid 2 bars of 3G. Ever try to Skype with 3G, how about access a VPN with enhanced security handshakes. So she had to drive to work the next day, because she couldn't work from home.

While she was at work I called 611, to see what we could do to get a FAT data plan for her FIDO phone. Nice people at FIDO, as a loyalty perk I could bump her line to 20Gb data per month, at a reasonable extra cost 

Which might be enough. She had a light day today, used 0.75Gb so with 20 work days in a month that is 15Gb which leaves her 5 for personal use; about half the 10 she usually uses but it is better than going to work.

And because we have excellent FIDO signal, she is now working from home for the next 3 weeks or more.


The downside: once the emergency is over and we want to drop her line back down to the plan she had before, the bonus data won't be restored - which is too bad. So because of an international crisis we need more data to practice good social distancing and self-isolation, but when the crisis ends I have to cross my fingers and watch for a loyalty deal to get her back to something like what she had for data "pre-COVID" at a price we were paying "pre-COVID". 

I realize that Rogers/FIDO is not gong to drop the data caps for mobile customers the way they do for home Internet, even for those customers who cannot be serviced by Home Internet due to lack of coverage. It would be nice though if we could bump our plans up for the duration of the crisis when we are stuck at home and be given the opportunity to return to exactly what we had prior to the emergency,  without penalty or prejudice.

Deal with that later. For now we are home with all our poodles, don't have to step off the property for at least a week. Suits me just fine.

Be safe everyone. And stay hydrated.






Hi @thePoodleFarmer,


You're most welcome!

Stay safe! 😊