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if fido really care about their loyal customers...they should provide transparency on discounts for plans and hardware based on tenure...don't leave it to individual reps to decide who will get what level discounts.  these are not discounts on specia...
hey fido team and mvp...so i want to better understand the new price plan and payment program.   it is designed to be more transparent with how much the plans are and how much you pay for devices...no more subsidies correct? and after 24 months i onl...
In 2018, i got iphone 8 64GB, paid about $250 up front after discount and S9 64gb, paid  around $350 up front after discount...was given a $55 5GB plan.   The phones at the time was in the 800-900price range if not mistaken.   So out of the $55 plan....
why is it that it takes numerous phone calls to  fido to get an ok deal(not a great one) on renewal.   In 2018 i renewed contract for 2 phones lines to get new devices which still ended up to be in their $400 per phone.  Been with fido since 2006.  W...
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