Wifi Calling

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Wifi Calling

Have a new lg g5 that i just purchased from costco, specifically for the wifi calling. Seems, sometimes it is enabled, and sometimes not? Bought this phone specifically for this feature, as we have a weak cellular connection where we live. When it works, it seems good, but most times it is not connected.

Any help would be appreciated.





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Re: Wifi Calling

Yes I did get it figured out. I found that if i put it into airplane mode, then just turn on wifi, it connects after about 5-10 seconds. If i leave it without putting in airplane mode, it doesnt connect as long as there is 1 bar cell connection, and that is sometimes iffy.


Thanks all for the help

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Re: Wifi calling



I was in the understanding that this phone you bought from Best Buy was a Fido device.

When it's not a Fido phone, some features might not work.


We do appreciate your feedback concerning this and I will make sure to share your situation to the right team.


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Re: Wifi calling

Because of the problems I had in not receiving texts and voice cutting out / calls going straight to voicemail, I did not want to be locked into a Fido phone. I wanted to make sure it worked first. The agent in the Fido store agreed with me.

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Re: Wifi calling

Thanks for your feedback @murmur


We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with these updates. To clarify however, you can purchase a device from Fido and benefit from a 15 days satisfation guarantee to make sure the phone suits your needs.


You can check out more details on this here.



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