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Wifi Calling

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I used to have WiFi calling on my iPhone 12, but it has failed since last January.

We're processing your Wi-Fi calling registration. You'll get a text when it's done. But the message never came.

I called Fido Support, but it seemed they couldn't help.


Does anyone know how to solve this?


Hi @reebov , is your device from Fido? If you're still awaiting a call back from customer service, perhaps you can call *611 and select technical support and ask again for their expertise. On my android device, I turned on wifi calling and I had to enter my residential address and then it was activated. I'm not sure if it is drastically different for ios. Please try calling them again, or you can contact Fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook and request assistance 😉