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WiFi Calling Bait and Switch?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

When I was looking to find a new provider, I chose Fido based upon the available information.

What was available from FIDO, on line, was that wifi calling was included in all plans other than prepaid.

I chose a bring your own phone plan.

I have a Galaxy A20, fully wifi calling capable, I have used it for this with another carrier.

After I sign up and switch my number to FIDO, I go to enable WiFi.

I get the message, "your phone isn't eligible".

Digging deeper, I find that FIDO basically only enables this when they sell you your phone.  This is for no valid technical reason.  Basically, they just want to extort you for a phone purchase.

I may not be with FIDO very long.  I really don't like being given incomplete information up front with a multi-hundreds of dollars "gotcha" on the back end.  Can't talk to anyone on the weekend after 5, so will see if this can be resolved.

Not hopeful.

Unprofessional and dishonest is my initial impression of FIDO.


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Jfdw58,


  I replied to your other posts here and here.


  Sorry to hear you feel deceived when choosing Fido.


@jfdw58 wrote:.


...I find that FIDO basically only enables this when they sell you your phone....

  That is not necessarily true. As mentioned in the other thread, Fido has allowed some grey-market non-Fido phones (Samsung Galaxy devices newer than S8, some LG devices) access to certain features (ie Wifi-calling and voLTE). However, Fido does not support those features on devices which were not offered by Fido. Provided you have a Canadian version Samsung device, you should be able to use wifi-calling.


  Unfortunately, from what you note in your other posts, it seems like you might not have the Canadian variant. If that is the case, a non-Canadian variant would not have been available from Fido and unlikely to support that feature.


  I understand you do not feel you were provided with complete information. However, I don't think they were intentionally trying to deceive you with a bait & switch.  While it's true that they do not specifically mention requiring the Canadian variants in their Wifi-calling information page, they do state that the device needs to be a compatible Fido device. Irrespective of the allowance of certain grey-market devices, non-Canadian variants would not be considered a Fido device.


Hope this helps 😀