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Discount amount on Bill is not matched to Order Confirmation

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I joined Fido in Nov 2020 online, while there was Black Friday promotoion of $10/mo. off for 24 months offered to new account.


On my online order, the cart summary on my order confirmation clearly shown that "OFFER APPLIED!" and the total monthly fee after tax to be $39.55/mo. (i.e. original $45 - discount $10 + taxes $4.55). 


However, on the first billed I have just recevied, shows the total monthly fee after tax is changed to $45.11 (i.e. original $45 - discount $5.08 + taxes $5.19). The discount amount is not matched to order confirmation, total monthly fee on actual bill recevied is higher.


Would it be Fido's sytem error or else?? 


Cart Summary of Online Order ConfirmationCart Summary of Online Order Confirmation


I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

you got hooked up too, if your bill doesn't have one advance payment added,

your next bill i guess will be showing you a discount $4.92, pluse your current $5.08 will add up to a $10,

that means they hold you for one month discount, ONLY start giving discount by precharge bill( the advance payment)

(**as they told me today by the phone, they apply discount after 30days advoiding customer switch by the time!!!)

that means we NEVER get the partial discount for what we've partially used!!!

If I didn't get it wrong, we will be forced to take one more bill(25th month bill) to get our 24month full credit,

(**so you pay the advance bill, you get the credit for the previous bill, because credit will only be applying in the next bill,

by the 24th month, "you want to leave? sorry, you always LOSE"

as you can tell, if you do a Fido payment program, your device discount might face the same situation!

Can we call it as a scam?


Hey @Diulasaint


When a plan is changed or an activation is done mid-cycle it creates prorations which are the partial charges and credits based on the days that are outside of the usual cycle billed. 


To clarify, if you were offered a $10 discount for 24 months, you would still be benefiting from 24 x $10. It's just that the first bill would see the $10 split in two areas of the same invoice. 

I hope this helps clarify things a little. 

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

I totally believed we should pay debts and receive credits only from and for the dates we used the service

and I totally understand that an one month in advance payment as a deporsit wouldn't be harmful for customer

and great for the company, using my bill  as below for example


This is the ADD-ON line while BLACK FRIDAY promotion goes on

$45 1+3GB with $10 discount with no activation fees as Gizzz above

and add-on line bring my own phone for $5 extra credit with 3Gonline bonus

I signed up at the 27th/Nov I believe, received e-mail saying line actived and shipment on the way at Nov 30 11:38PM

I got my sim card by Dec 1 in the end of the day, I call in to "active/transfer" my line in the morning of Dec 2 2020


As you said for the proportion charges and credits , for the billing I should expect the follow:


1. I started using Fido service at Dec 2 2020, I should've be charging from that day on to the billing cycle Dec 27

Fido payment program 1+3GB  Dec 2 - Dec 27         $ 39 ($45 devided by 30days times 26 days in use)

Credit: Mobile Plan 24 months Dec 2 - Dec 27          $ -8.67($10 devided by 30dayds times 26 days in use)

Credit: Monthly Charges 24 months Dec2 - Dec 27   $ -4.33($5 devided by 30days times 26 days in use)


2. You can tell that they forgot my add-on bonus 3GB data untill that activation day I memtioned, add on date Dec 2

3. They charge my activation fees ( Alot of customer facing this BLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION problem)

4. With "one billing in advance", my advance bill should get full credit $10 and $5 totally of $15


Ending billl result:


If you add the top two credit with the bottom two, you will get exactly "Mobile Plan" $10 and "Monthly Charges" $5

and thats the Rep. told me, I got one bill credit, and here's the question - which bill the credit belongs to?


if you say it belongs to my partial use one, 1. you gaved me extra credit , a full 30 days credit had been applied, this case, the next bill I shall see 2 of the full $15 credit, one for what I've paid till Jan 27, and one for advance payment

 after Jan 27th , but I can be sured this will not be the case!!


If you say it splited up for both partial and advance payment , as I've calculated, my partial use was almost a month, and I should

get ruffly $13 Credit out of it , with $15credit for advance full cycle billing


If you say we only apply credit after 30days to advoid customers switching as the Rep. told me by the phone,

that means you hold a portions of my credit, for that 30 days portion, I am forced to take an extra month of service to get

the promised full credit! Let say for some one with a "device payment program" that would be even worse! If they stop

the service by the 24month(365days), their device will still have remaining unless they take one extra payment to get the credit

or else they pull money out of their pocket to "buy it off" IF I am correct!




Hi @Diulasaint


As this is an account specific request and we're already with you in PM, we'll continue to discuss the situation there to clarify everything with you.


Talk to you soon. Smiley


Hey @Gizzz,


Some promotions/discounts can take 2 to 3 billing cycles to show up on your account. That said, once the offer is applied, it remains on the account for the determined period.


You can contact us through these channels and we'd be happy to double-check everything with you.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

If a discount takes 2 or 3 billing cycles , does it get backdated? Because I am having the same issue right now, I just got the black Friday  deal, there is no promo, the store also added the device protection , even tho I didn't want it but they told me I woul receive a credit for3 months and I am supose to get also a monthly  credit on my plan. Somehow from supposedly paying $62.15 after taxmy plan is showing I needto pay 141.06 monthly. I went from month to month , to know a 2 year plan and I cannot pay 141.06

Hey @JaelThorpe! Feel free to contact us through one of our channels and we'll be happy to take a closer look at your account.