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Backorder Information

Backorder Information

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Backorder Information



I ordered a Galaxy S20+ a week ago, and didn't receive any information about my device order until today, when I was notified that it was on back-order. There was no information provided about the status of the order, however, and it seemed to be intentionally vague on details.


Is there any actual information Fido is able to provide on the status of order fulfillment these days? Am I looking at a week? a month, 2 months?


This seems to be a common problem searching back through community posts. As someone who's been on BYOD and month-to-month forever, this was my first foray into committing to a carrier, and it's not been a good start. Any chance it improves, or have I lost all my leverage as a consumer?



Hopeful, but not entirely optimistic.


Hey @ryanbrodie,


We know how important it is to be able to receive your new phone as fast as possibly and we truly thank you for your feedback as we're always looking to improve our processes.


When a device is backordered, we can expect a delay of 1 to 2 weeks, depending on how fast we receive new stock. If the expected delay is to be longer than 2 weeks, we will call you to advise you and see if you want to continue waiting for your order or if you'd like to look at other device models. 


I hope this helps a bit and we thank you for your patience on it. 




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Thanks for the reply @FidoClaudia .


If this wait is extended, am I charged for the device starting when it's shipped, or when it's ordered?


I am less concerned about getting my phone fast than I am about the expectation that was set up by the purchase procedure that implied getting a phone fast was a possibility. We live in a world of real time databases everywhere, and it seems a reasonable expectation not to be misled during online purchasing.


The online system touted an option of "two-day shipping". This is a clear bait-and-switch, as it didn't seem my order was even processed for a week. Further, while I understand fulfillment is likely done in a queue, it's not beyond reason to be able to keep tabs on that. If it looks like stock is low, you can indicate that, if you're out, you can indicate that. Hiding this information seems like an intentional obscuring of the situation to boost sales. It seems now that I'm committed, my leverage as a consumer is gone, which is unfortunate. I discovered this all afterward, searching the web for other's experiences with this same scenario.


In future if you are sincere in your wish to improve your procedures, beyond these likely technological solutions, which I don't see being implemented, simple messaging around your back-order process would be helpful. Even something along the lines of what you replied with here would have been helpful, and perhaps prevented me from appealing to this forum for assistance. The email I got was fairly kurt and unhelpful. 


I don't mean to put this on you personally, but a little empathy goes a long way with nameless, faceless corporations!



Hey @ryanbrodie


We hear you and we can definitely go over the status of your order together. If the device is still back ordered, we can process it with the same model, but another color (if available). You can reach out to us at these channels to get started.

As a side note, you won't be billed the device's financement until we actually confirm the order and process it.

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I am having the same problem with an iPhone 6.  Waited two weeks and was told the grey model was on indefient back order, but I could switch to rosegold.  Two weeks later I am calling back to find out the status of that order as I I have receveive any updates other than my order was placed and it should take 5 business days only to be told my order was canceled as the phone is no longer avaible.  I can however switch to a more expensive phone.


I was also told on Friday when I spoke to customer service, thave have no visabilty to inventory, but today i was told they do.


Been a Fido member for 4 years and things had been great, but suddlen it has come crashing down.

Hello @r-kots


I see why you would be concerned. On our end, we do want you to get your phone as soon as possible.


In a situation when the device is back ordered, we are always happy to go over your options with you to make sure you get a new device quickly.


I would like to see the details of this order with you. I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into. 
Talk to you soon.