2nd Line discount

2nd Line discount

2nd Line discount

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2nd Line discount



I used to get a second line discount on my account but since December when I upgraded my plans I no longer receive the discount. From my understanding when I switched my husband over I would be getting 10% off throughout the duration on having the line. Please help me out and clarify this issue. 




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Re: 2nd Line discount

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We're so happy to have had you with us through the years and I would love to explain the promos in detail.


The older promo we had was 10% off for as long as you kept an eligible plan. That promo did expire and it will be removed if you switch to an ineligible plan or if the promo has been active on your line for more than 24 months.


Since October 2018 we have released a new version of that promo for new lines being added to existing accounts as we do understand it was a popular option for our customers. The new version of the promo allows you to get 10% off for 24 months. If the primary line gets cancelled, the discount is removed. Also, not all plans may be eligible so it's important to check with the agent changing your plan to know if the promo will stay with your new plan if you decide to change plan.


I hope this clarifies things Smiley 

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I am on the phone with Fido.  My husbands line no longer is receiving the 10 percent discount even though Ive been with Fido since 2017 and paying through the ears.  I have not upgraded my primary line and was promised this discount on additional line for the duration of my plan.  Fido decided to sneek in the cancellation into my next bill hoping I would not notice the cancellation notes.  How very deceitful.  Maybe a new carrier is worth investigating!

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Anyone here complained to CCTS? Or escalated this to the office of the president? I have a friend who is a lawyer and says this is not right, if Fido thinks they can do whatever they want this is basically breaching contracts. If you entered into an agreement and you’ve respected your end by paying monthly the other party can not change terms of the agreement unless it is somehow in your favour by providing more services for the same amount of money or by giving you a discount. 


I just received my monthly bill with the same issue and I am escalating this to the office of the president. The rep i was talking too was unable to explain to me why the line suddenly became not eligible , after I asked him to provide a clear answer which I can use in my complaint he simply backed up and said he will escalate this for me. I have insisted and he started to say things about cost of life increasing and so are the plans and when I said this is unacceptable and breach of contract he would simply repeat that someone from the office of ten president will contact me. 

Hello Onutza,


  Welcome to the community!


  I'm sorry, but I don't understand why people think that promotions and discounts should be provided indefinitely. I understand your point is about breach of contract. However, are you currently subsidising phones? If not, then you're not under contract. Your plan(s) would be on a monthly basis. Your lawyer friend should have told you to read the Terms & Conditions:


  We may change any aspect of a Month-to-Month Service and the corresponding Agreement, as long as we give you at least 30 days’ prior written notice. We may also change aspects of a Term Service and the corresponding Agreement, other than a key term as defined in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC) Wireless Code, upon at least 30 days’ prior written notice to you. In either case, we will send you the written notice by bill message, text message, letter or e-mail and will explain the change and when it will take effect (Section 2c).


  We will apply a discount, promotion or benefit to your account as long as you remain eligible for it. We may check your eligibility from time to time, and if you become ineligible to receive that discount, promotion or benefit for any reason, we may remove it, and/or transfer your Service to a comparable Service plan (Section 3f).


  Have you had the discount for 24 months? That could be the reason your line(s) is/are not eligible. As stated in the solution above, the new promotion provides the discount for 24 months.


Hope this helps 😀





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We think the promotion Fido promised for as long as we keep the additional line in use shall be honored, it’s that simple.


And no, it hasn’t been 24 months since this line has been on this specific plan, not at all. When I questioned the customer rep about the eligibility criteria he didn’t quite know what to clearly answer , he said something about cost of life increasing, about the line being on a loyalty plan, after I pointed out it wasn’t he backed up by saying no supervisor is available and that’s it , if I’m not happy to call later and wait one hour over the phone to see if MAYBE a supervisor wants to take the call but they can simply refuse. Way to go Fido! 


Third, just because we don’t buy new phones from Fido every 2 years it doesn’t mean that Fido can suddenly just remove things as it pleases, as I have been told over the phone by a customer rep.  I wrote my complaint to  CCTS, I guess they will decide. Seems to me that loyalty means absolutely nothing’s no to Fido, we’ve been customers since more than 10 years and your attitude seems quite arrogant. 

Hey Onutza, 


I can definitely understand where you are coming from here, unexpected changes are not fun, but, that said, I am sad to see that you feel as though your loyalty is not appreciated. 10 years is a long time to stick by us and I can assure you that this loyalty has not gone unnoticed. 


You should absolutely expect a clear and precise answer about why your discount was removed. 


Let's take a closer look at that with you. We'll send you a PM shortly. 


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Hi Amanda, 


My concerns were addressed by someone from the office of the president. 

Thank you for your message. 



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Funny thing, it just happened the same thing , the discount was removed for one of our other lines. Waiting for Fido to provide a clear reason before escalating it again to the office of president, CCTS and Better Business Bureau. 

Hey @Onutza

I can see here that we are already talking to you in PM concerning this. We will continue with you from there.



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Yes, and exactly like for the other line I get no clear answer of why this happened other then the one that Fido can do whatever it wants! Seems that I will escalate it again ! 

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the same thing happened to me. After more than 3 years with fido, I suddenly lost my 10% discount for my second line by switching to a more expensive plan.
This is happening while the other providers are offering more interesting programs like Telus family program.

I am sure very unsatisfied and unhappy about this. I always recommended Fido to friends but it could change easily with this king of disrespectful things.



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Hey @Ardalan1


Some plans are not compatible with discounts.  When that happens, the discount is removed when you change your plan.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your account!

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Hi @FidoJulien,


correct me if I'm wrong, the discount was for the second line, not for the second plan. I expect to maintain the discount as long as I keep my second line.




Hi @Ardalan1


If your new plan doesn't meet the eligibility requirements for the discount, it can very well be taken off. Please view section 3F of our Terms and Conditions

@FidoFaiza I think you are missing @Ardalan1  point the second line discount was being offer as a discount as long as you keep the second line and not the plan I know what @Ardalan1 is talking about because I've said it before even for my account I have 5 lines and none have the second line discount anymore because Fido took it away even though it was sold as a second line discount and not a a plan discount.

Depending on the case, the second line discount is or was compatible with certain plans. 


As we mention in our Terms and Conditions: 


"We will apply a discount, promotion or benefit to your account as long as you remain eligible for it. We may check your eligibility from time to time, and if you become ineligible to receive that discount, promotion or benefit for any reason, we may remove it, and/or transfer your Service to a comparable Service plan."


That means that if a change of plan takes place and that plan isn't compatible with a discount or offer, it will be removed. With that said, you can always confirm through customer service if the discount is compatible or not. 



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Hi @FidoFrancois ,

You and @FidoFaiza  missed my point. I am not talking about plans. I am telling the 2nd line discount was initially promised to clients who add a second "LINE" to their accounts no matter with which plan.. there was no condition about the plan. I had this discount when I had 2 BYOP plans. I had it when I had one BYOP and one 24 month contract. but suddenly I do not have it now with two 24 month contracts. This is annoying and disrespectful to loyal clients

The discount was for the second "LINE" not for the second "PLAN"!
I kept my second "LINE", so I should have the 2nd "LINE" discount 


I assure you that we appreciate our customers' loyalty and we're always aiming to provide the best services and offers to everyone @Ardalan.


As the solution in this thread mentions, as with every promo, some eligibility criteria applies and certain plans are not compatible with the 10% discount. If you changed your plan to one that's not compatible with this offer, it would explain why the discount was removed.


If you'd like to go over the available options for your account or need any clarification about your account, you can reach out to us here or we can send you a PM on the Community.


Let us know! 

Hello @tcasc67


You're right, the 2nd line discount expired. Our current plans still offer good value. I do invite you to keep an eye on our Promo page for upcoming offers

You can find our promo page here.

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Hey @ellapineda!


We haven't heard back, was this resolved?


Let us know what happened, I'm certain the info will help others! Very_Happy

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I've just had exactly the same experience.  I accepted an offer to upgrade my plan and lost the 2nd line discount as a result.  There had been no warning of any sort that this would happen in the process of accepting the offer.  And the online rep I talked to basically said there was nothing he could do.  I've asked to have the issue escalated and he said I would get a call back in the next 48 hours.  We'll see what becomes of that. 


Anyone with two lines on a plan with a discount on the 2nd line should be aware that if you accept one of their special retention offers, you will lose your 10% 2nd line discount.  Factor that in when considering whether they are making you a particularly generous offer.