apple watch series 4

apple watch series 4

apple watch series 4

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apple watch series 4

Apple just announced Apple watch series 4 yesterday!


For the GPS+Cellular, they support Rogers in this generation, since Rogers and Fido are the same company, does Fido support series 4 too?

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Hey @chrisliu0424


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We don't support Apple Watch.


We anticipate a lot of excitement around the new iPhone models and that is what we're focusing on. As of now, we don't have any updates on whether or not we would carry/support Apple Watch in the future. I'd suggest you keep an eye on for updates on our products and services.


That said, you can buy the Apple Watch and pair it with a compatible iPhone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but not our LTE network. 


Hope this clarifies!

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Hi, any update on supporting Apple Watch?

Hello Willy4066,


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  Any updates regarding support for the Apple Watch or smartwatches would be posted on


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Just what does "we are focussing on the new iPhones" actually mean.  I don't mean to be rude, but focus???  You don't need to design or manufacture them.  You buy them and "put them on the shelf."  You then figure out a reasonable/competitive price...So the focussing means?  Stare at them on the shelf?

Is Fido less capable than Telus, Rogers, and Bell?  Those companies have the amazing multitasking ability to "focus" on iPhones AND Apple watches.

Hello Atts_11,


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@Atts_11 wrote:...Is Fido less capable than Telus, Rogers, and Bell?...

  Fido isn't less capable than the Big Three providers. They made the decision to provide different offerings.


  There are three main levels of provider offerings: The Big Three (Rogers, Telus, and Bell); their Flanker brands (Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Mobile, respectively); and their pre-paid brands (Chatr, Public Mobile, Lucky Mobile, respectively). The other providers would be interspersed among their respective levels.


  Each level of provider offers similar services. Since the offerings and price points between levels can be rather different, you can't really compare providers from different levels. The Big Three might offer smartwatch plans, but their price point for similar services is also generally more than the flanker brands. As far as I am aware, none of the flanker brands offer smartwatch plans. Fido does allow the use of smartwatches with their own plans, however, your phone and smartwatch would work independently from each other. Since they do not offer smartwatch plans, they have decided not to offer a device which cannot be fully used as intended. Instead, their device line-up showcases phones which can fully utilise Fido's service offerings.


  If they they do, in the future, decide to offer smartwatch plans and associated devices, it will be posted on


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I have been with Fido for over 18 years.  Long before they were a "Flanker" brand.  I am very dissapointed that they still have no service for Apple Watch when we are now 6 years into them.  they are long past being a fad and are a mainstream item.  If Fido is not going to support them soon then I will be looking at Bell or Telus when my current contract runs out.  I won't be looking at Rogers since they turned them into a "Flanker" brand.  I am not interested in going with a company that ruined an 18 year relationship with the company they purchased.



Hey @JcTcom Very_Happy


I'm sorry you feel this way!

Although we don't provide plans for watches at the moment, we're still the same brand you've grown to know and appreciate. 


As you can see in this thread, you can still purchase an Apple Watch and pair it with your Fido device, though. Smiley


We'd be sad to see you leave for this reason, but you're of course free to decide what works best for your needs.


If you have any questions, we're always happy to help!


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Having an LTE capable watch and pairing it with bluetooth only is basically crippling the watch.


If Rogers / Fido is not going to allow Fido to keep up with current (What current it is now 5 year old technology!) Technology then I will have no use for either one of them.  might as well move to Freedom and save 50% on my monthly bill plus give my Apple Watch full feature access.



Hello JcTcom,


  As FidoValerie mentioned, other providers' offers can be appealing. However, one thing to keep in mind when comparing different offerings it to make sure you're comparing similar services. Freedom may offer a cheaper plan, but it's important to remember that they are also only a regional provider. Their prices might only reflect their lack of National coverage.


  I'm not trying to sway your decision in any direction. Just don't think that the only differentiator is cost. Often, you're just not paying for what you're not getting. Only you can decide what service best suits your needs.


Hope this helps 😀



I hear you! 


At this point in time, we don't know if we'll support Apple Watches in the future.


There are many advantages to staying with Fido, but other providers can certainly offer tempting deals as well.

As much as we'd hate to see you leave, it is entirely your choice to make.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions, or if you'd like to review your options before making your decision. Smiley

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Like others commenting on this forum, when I signed up to Fido... 20 years ago!?... it wasn't a Flanker brand, it was a competitor to the "Big Three" and was arguablly before its acquisition by Fido, the "Bigger Four"; however, since that acquisition, Rogers has decided to make Fido its Flanker brand and thus no longer continue to innovate or support new products. I have waited... three years for Fido to change its stance. Sadly, like many others before me, I will need to put my money where my mouth is and move to a "Big Three" (and not Rogers because of the relationship with Fido and my growing frustration with it). Its regretful but I see no alternative. Thanks for the feedback!

Hey @varanusus,


We're sorry you feel that way. As much as we'd like to provide you with the Apple Watch, we currently do not service it on our network. That said, as mentioned you can link it up to an existing line using an iPhone.


As a side note, your best option to take advantage of this service while getting the best out of our offers is to contact Rogers. We do provide offers and facilitate the migration of your services between our brands if that better suits your needs.


Hope this helps Smiley

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Good Day @FidoSaad


Will Fido customers have the same issue with the 5-generation cellular network ?
Rogers all ready have the access in all plans until 03-2021 and will then charge for it. There is no indication on the Fido site of the 5th generation cellular network.


The technology behind Apple Watch LTE connection is not new anymore, I mean the Apple watch itself is now 3 years old, event Freedom Mobile support it now. If Fido is not going to stay current with new technologies that a valid corporate decision, I just need to know. 


When I became a Fido customer (14 years and 10 months ago) Fido was cutting edge, one of the first to have a SIM-based network. As such, the current situation feels like Fido change from cutting edge to current to 1 generation past technology. I understand there is a cost to be cutting edge and I will have no issue if that not Fido anymore and it Rogers I just need to know.


Hey @Tomlaf


We didn't get any news on our end of having the service available for that product.


If  there's any news, we will update this thread. 

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13 year fido customer & business owner here, bought a 1000$ Series 4 apple watch with esim to make sure Im connected with business clients for when the iphone is out of charge or away from me, which happened a couple of times resulting in miss-communication with my clients. Now I find out that such basic support with technology from 2017 is still not supported by fido. This is very frustrating given the parent company Rogers has already announced the watch plans. You should let us know now if you will ever support it so professional people like me can start planning ahead. Whats the news so far fido?

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the answer to this is simple.


Fido is considered to be a lower tier brand compared with Rogers and Fido's main purpose is to widen target customer base under the Rogers banner.

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So us clients who signed up with Fido when it was a main competing tier should just move on then?.  That's fine  But it won't be with Rogers I will tell you that.



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Hey @Bbc


Thank you for taking the time and sharing this feedback with us. At the moment, there are no additional news relating to this other than the Accepted Solution to this current thread. The best way to use this specific service would be pairing the Apple Watch with a compatible iPhone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but not our LTE network. 

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I must say as I have been with Fido for awhile that my disappointment for not supporting apple watch is above and beyond.


It feels Fido fails to treat their customers with the respect they deserve. We know that Fido is built on Rogers' network and while Rogers has rolled out support for eSim back in Dec 2018 Fido continues to falling behind.


It is low to say the least that the company play such games at the expense of such a large customer base of Fido just to do brand Rogers separately.


If you are unable to identify a Rogers as a brand through bringing a true unique value then don't play games by holding value back from Fido's customer that you can probably enable by a click of a button.


This low unfair competition is why us Canadians are going to support American companies to come in and bring true competition to this market.


It is only matter of time while the big 3 continue to play low through manipulating the market unfairly.

Hey @logicallayer!


I've moved your post here as it deals with a similar topic. 


Although we don't support Apple watch at this time, we're always looking to offer the most to our customers and we do appreciate the feedback. 


In terms of eSIM, it is supported on newer iPhone models, check out the solution on this thread for more information.



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Ok, now that Fido finally has the capability to do eSIM provisioning (ala: ) there any chance whatsoever that Roger will finally allow Fido to light up Apple Watch plans????