Samsung S20 Ultra Delays

Samsung S20 Ultra Delays

Samsung S20 Ultra Delays

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Samsung S20 Ultra Delays



I made a pre-order with Fido for S20 Ultra on Feb 11, the same day the phone was announced. My position in line is number 3.

The phone officially launched in Canada and Fido on March 6.

I haven't received any emails or calls from Fido since making a reservation 1 month ago.

I called the store where the device was supposed to be delivered on March 6 and they initially told me that Ultra was not yet available at the store and should arrive on the following week. They only had regular S20.

Fast forward to this week, I called the Support line and the store again. Now they were saying that the phone is being delayed by Samsung itself and they don't have any ETA when the phone will arrive and I just should wait for whenever this happens.

My understanding was that by pre-ordering the day the phone was announced would give me a high enough priority to get the phone on the release date, since it's shipped to the store so no  Samsung restrictions apply in terms of when the device can be shipped (it still should've been at least March 6).

I found some posts on Reddit of people who also reserved S20 Ultra through Fido and contacted stores and support receiving no explanation of what happened and no ETA.

My order status still says Open today and I don't see any official statement from Fido. This is very upsetting and disturbing to me since clearly everyone who pre-ordered S20 Ultra is impacted.


Could I get some clarity on what's going on and when I should expect my phone?


Thank you.

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Re: Samsung S20 Ultra Delays

Solved by Former Moderator FidoNick

Hey everyone! Just wanted to provide an update on this Smiley


Anyone who reserved the S20 and the store is since closed due to Covid19 should have gotten a phone call from us to manually process the order. You'll also still be getting your gift with purchase (Samsung Galaxy Buds+) as long as you had reserved while the promo was on. Keep in mind these will be sent in a separate package.


Hope that helps out! 



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so here is my story .... On june 12th a placed an order for a S20 5g ... on June 16th i saw that there was another offer with the Galaxy buds ... so i went online to see if i can cancel the order i placed which i couldnt. so i got in touch with a fido rep who was helpful enough to cancel the order and had me place it again while online. I asked if i would get the buds as thts the main reason i wanted to cancel and re apply for the phone with the buds.. i just got my package ( june 26 th ) No buds ... i get in touch with a Fido rep online and now told if they are out of stock i wont get it and also to add matters worse .. they said tht my order was duplicated and june 16th order was cancelled which doesnt make sense to me ... how can an order be duplicated when i cant cancel my last order or order another one. I had the rep cancel the order for me so i could avail the buds offer.


hoping a Fido manager or supervisor can assist as i cant wrap my head around their logic. 

Hey there @Knighthunter007


We can confirm that the Galaxy Buds promotion is ongoing with the purchase of some Samsung devices from June 16th 2020 until June 30th 2020. The Samsung S20 Ultra 5G is eligible for the Galaxy Buds while supplies last. To better assist you, can you please confirm when was the second order placed? Was it on June 16th 2020 or a bit later?


That said, we do have a process to follow up on missing gifts or to investigate if the gift was indeed out of stock when processing your order. You can reach out to us at these channels for immediate assistance and a Fido representative will follow up on your order. Hope this helps Smiley

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Hello @FidoSaad 


I can confirm that the 2nd order which i placed was on June 16th. I was online trying to cancel my previous order which i couldnt do myself so i had an Online agent help me cancel and re apply.

Hey there @Knighthunter007 thank you for clarifying this. 


I would recommend reaching out to customer service in order for them to be able to help you out. 


Or we can send you a PM on here. Let us know what you prefer Smiley

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Morning @FidoDaniela , @FidoSaad 


Can someone PM ? As i am yet to hear from a Manager or Supervisor and its been over 48hours and i was told someone would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours.

Hey @Knighthunter007,


We've sent you a PM. Talk to you there! 😊


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Hello @FidoDaniela 


I had already reached out to a fido agent online and tried to explain to them that my second order was on june 16th  they said there is nothing they can do. They said that the buds stock could of depleted or finished out and its while supplies last and left it at that. I even asked to be called by a manager or supervisor and was told tht someone would call in 24 to 48 hours but yet to hear from anyone. What can be done to resolve my issue ? 

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Hi @ghost030492,


It's in Fido's best interest to get us our devices in a timely manner but with all the flight, import and export restriction because of the covid-19 these delays are expected.

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Hi@NaliniR ,


I get the delays. But few points here:

1) If there is a delay from Samsung for S20 Ultra Specifically( S20 and S20+ are available at store), why there isn't an announcement by Fido?

2) I know for a fact that S20 Ultra is available in Canada. I played with one on Monday at Samsung store and they had it available for purchase there. Was it a failure of Fido to secure the devices from Samsung? If so, where is any communication from Fido regarding this and ETA for the phones?


Considering I ordered on Feb 11 and that the supply exists in Canada, it looks to me like Fido did something wrong here and the very least they could do is to communicate when the devices are expected.


Instead, when I call the store they point fingers to Customer Support as they don't have access to Tracking of Reservations. Customer Service tells me to call the store and ask when they are getting the phones.

No one is taking any responsibility and that is just not acceptable after being a loyal custom for 5 years.


Thank you.

Hello Ghost030492,


  Welcome to the community!


  I understand people are eager to get their new devices.


@ghost030492 wrote:

1) If there is a delay from Samsung for S20 Ultra Specifically( S20 and S20+ are available at store), why there isn't an announcement by Fido?..

  On Fido's webpage, they do indicate that there are shipping delays for those devices: S20 (1-2 weeks), S20+ (2-3 weeks), S20 Ultra (3+ weeks).


@ghost030492 wrote:

2) I know for a fact that S20 Ultra is available in Canada. I played with one on Monday at Samsung store and they had it available for purchase there. Was it a failure of Fido to secure the devices from Samsung? ...

  You should note that the mobile providers don't necessarily have the same supplier for devices as Samsung Canada. That can mean that some of the providers might not receive the devices at the same time as Samsung Canada. It also means that the prices for devices can vary between Samsung Canada and the providers. 


  I understand it's frustrating not knowing when your device might ship. However, it's likely their supplier hasn't provided them with a strict timeline as to when they can expect shipment. The best they can offer at the moment is the estimated shipping delay times on the website.


Hope this helps 😀





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Hi @Cawtau,


I just talked to a customer service supervisor in a chat with the following results:

-Based on his check, he didn't find any delay advisory for this phone at Fido

- Customer service or the store don't have any visibility into the Reservation system and can't tell me when the phones will be available

- They can't (or won't) escalate to anyone or give me contact details to find out why my order hasn't shipped yet.

This is considering that they don't officially acknowledge any delay and are saying this is order specific.

- No one can help me


Awful experience. 

Other stores at least acknowledged the supply issue for Ultra and apologized to their customers. Some even provided gift cards.


Fido tells me it's my problem and not a Fido problem. No one has any access and no one will help you.

In their books, the phones are available. Even though, there are multiple posts online about people not getting any updates on their pre-orders from Fido. Every fido store in Toronto Downtown area I called doesn't have the phone and doesn't know when they will get the shipment.


What a great reservation and communication system. I guess this is how you treat a loyal client of 5+ years with 2 lines who purchased several phones from you.


What a shame.

Hello again,


  Sorry to hear your experience contacting customer service was not a positive one. Unfortunately, they can't provide information they do not have. I understand part of your concern is that they didn't officially acknowledge the delay. However, customer service likely does not have access to up-to-date supply chain information. They might not have been aware of the posting on the website for those devices. If it's posted on the website, that's official acknowledgement that there is a delay with those devices.


Hope this helps 😀




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There was nothing posted regarding delays for the pre-orders. That information is only related to buying a new phone as of this moment.


It's really amazing how Rogers, Bell, Telus stores have the devices in-store right now. I spoke to a guy at Fido store today and he told me that he can go to a Rogers store and get the device there for sale, but it wouldn't be considered a pre-order. Which doesn't work for me as I want free pair of Galaxy Buds+ for my pre-order. So there is supply but only for sales, not pre-orders.


How crazy is the fact that someone can go to a store and buy a phone right now and I have to wait for god knows what reason and he only knows for how long?

Lesson learned. Never ever pre-order a phone with Fido. Ever. 

No one cares what a pre-order means and their idea is that you will just sit and wait for however long they want you to wait.

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I think barring all the shipping issues and delays, the biggest failure here is the lack of direct communication from Fido. I get the fact they state they've posted the delay information on their website, but when you sign up for a reservation it states "We’ll send you regular emails with a status on your place in line and shipment details." which clearly hasn't happened as I've also received zero updates since placing the reservation.

My reserved store had no idea as they weren't told anything, and chat support couldn't give me any clear dates either, but said not to expect anything for at least 2-3 weeks.


Again, I understand the delays the caused by bigger problems in the world currently than some smartphone, it's just that Fido dropped the ball on communication.


The more I read in other forum posts about what reservation actually means to Fido, the less I'm likely to do this in the future as well. If it wasn't for the Galaxy Buds+ with reservation bonus, I would've never bothered.

Hello @Sdobrica


Thank you for your feedback on this, we appreciate it.


The Fido Reservation System is a self-serve tool that allows you to reserve a phone before the official launch date and have it sent to a store of your choice once launched. We definitely understand the importance of knowing where your phone is at and for that you can check the status directly through the FRS via your account.


On our end, we communicate with our customers when the phone is ready to be shipped/when it is ready for pick-up. 


The S20 ULTRA 5G was launched in the market on March 6th for Fido. Have you still not received it?



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Hi @FidoSaira,


Hopefully the feedback is taken and the system improved (honestly provides little to no useful information as being 3rd in line could mean tomorrow or 3 weeks from now), or at bare minimum the wording changed so that there are no misunderstanding or things expected that don't get delivered upon and wind up leaving a bad taste.


To answer your question, no - I'm currently 22nd in line at the store I've selected according to the FRS page.


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The only change on Fido I've seen since is that S20 Ultra Shipping Delays on the Phones page has been changed from 3+ weeks to 2-3 weeks.

No communication as of yet and no updates either. Tomorrow it's going to be 2 weeks since the phone came out.

Maybe something will change next week. Fingers crossed.

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Hi @FidoSaira


Looks like you haven't read the posts. I haven't received my phone and I pre-ordered it on the day the phone was announced, February 11.


I also haven't received any communication/updates from Fido at all since that day. I wonder why.

That's a major communication failure.

My position in line is 3, which means based on your interpretation of the reservation system, I should've received it right after launch.


I've been following some other forums online and it looks like people who are with Rogers started getting their S20 ultra delivered this week. Nothing from Fido yet. Looks like Rogers decided to use the phone stock for their own clients and Fido just doesn't have the phone at all.


I've seen the phone itself in several Rogers stores myself, nothing at Fido stores and they don't even know when they will get the shipment.


My worst experience with Fido in 5+ years. Just awful service.



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My place in line has moved quite a bit. Did you get your phone or is this just people cancelling?

I have found Fido's service over this phone to be completely unsatisfactory. My current phone is completely broken so this was a replacement. No point repairing the old phone but in order to get a courtesy device while waiting on the new one to arrive, Fido actually requires a phone to be sent in for repair. What's the point?? As a result I am left by Fido without a phone which is obviously a concern considering the situation with Covid-19. I mean, what if I have an emergency in this time? It's really not acceptable policy and environmentally speaking it is completely moronic.

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Hey everyone!


We know you want your devices as soon as possible and also not to lose the promo for the earbuds! Just a head's up that we're looking into what's going on with reservations if your phone is being shipped to a location that is not open at this time.

We'll update everyone once we get news!