Introduce yourself!

Introduce yourself!

Introduce yourself!

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Introduce yourself!

Hey everyone!


Whether it’s your first time here or you’ve been around for a while, why not introduce yourself!? We look forward to meeting you all - not just on a username basis!


To get this started, how about you tell us a bit about yourself? What do you like? What are you known for? What’s your passion?  Have fun with it, but remember the community guidelines . Wink


If you’d like to get to know the Fido Community crew, head over here.


Nice to meet you! Smiley




I'm a Participant Level 1

Well hello, my name is Sidney but my given name is sherry

I'm new to Fido, a couple of months, so excited to get to know people and I just ordered my new phone, I recently moved to Edmonton in May so I'm excited to try my new fireplace for the winter, nothing better than the smell of burning wood :heavy_heart_exclamation: so I'm gonna enjoy the ride and be very blessed in my journey :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Looking forward to your comments and new ideas

Be seeing you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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My name is Cindy and I am new to the community board. 

Welcome @CindyRocks !


Feel free to browse and post questions or solutions to help members. 🙂

I'm Back

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Hello All,


My name is Grace and I just wanted to say ho and hope everyone is staying safe through our hard times with the virus. Hugs.


Hello GraceClyke71,


  Welcome to the community! 😀




Hey @GraceClyke71,


Welcome to the Community.


Thank you for your kind words and stay safe! 


I'm a Participant Level 3

Hello Everyone,


My name is Trisha but my friends call me Teedo.


I have my best friend Bo who keeps me going.....he's my 167 pound Saint Bernard.


That's him in my profile pic enjoying a day at the beach last summer.


Some of my interests are DIY projects, yoga fitness, web design, reading and harley's, 


On my 50th Birthday I went ski-diving! Yay! Me! Craziest thing I ever did with no regrets!


I'm addicted to french vanilla coffee and strawberry daiquiris.


My favorite food is chinese and mexican. I hate sushi.


Ok!! That's some of me in a nut shell...






Hey @Teedo,


Thank you for sharing your secrets about yourself! 


We're happy to have you part of the community.


By the way... I'm not a fan of sushi either. 😉




I'm a Participant Level 3

Hi Anthony,


Thank you kindly! It's great to be a part of such an awesome community! 

:face_with_medical_mask: Stay Safe!

I'm a Contributor Level 2

B. Ross Ashley.

INterested in sf fandom, knitting, left politics, and some sports (CFL, NCAA basketball, bicycle racing.)

I'm a Contributor Level 1

Name, nickname?

My name is Petra, but my friends call me Jess Smiley


Cat or dog person?

Dog for 100%


Coffee or tea?

I am a coffee lover, so... Morning cup of coffee makes my day better.


Favorite meal?

Apple pie, Hawaii pizza


Fun fact about yourself?

I came to Canada just on vacation, but I fall in love with this place, so I am already here for almost 5 years. I still struggle with my English, so sometimes I feel like a **bleep**, but nobody is perfect...


Ultimate vacation destination?
Doesn't matter where you are. Important is who is with you. But for me it is place, where I live...


Anything else?

I am a new customer of Fido mobile, still dealing with a couple of issues, but still, I hope everything has a solution... Will see


Hey @PeLeg! Thank you so much for sharing and welcome to the Community! Smiley 

Hey @brashley46,


Welcome to the Community! We hope you can find answers to your questions here.




I'm a Participant Level 1

My Name is Karen, I have 2 cats Lola-3 Bella - 18 weeks 

I have been a Fido Customer right from the beginning Love the service I like using my phone for the apps 

I'm a Participant Level 2

Pls. call me Benz

 a silent type person, not an ice breaker but once shaken, it's explode....

 I love traveling and exploring things around the globe.

 I wanna learn more about something in this world.

 I want a noise, a helpful and make sense noise......


I'm a Participant Level 1

Hello., I love cooking and baking. Walking and helping People.I am truely believe Family is everything


Thanks for sharing and welcome to our Community, @Nattom2657! Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 3

I am Ef Tee in Ottawa, Canada.

Up until now tried to support Canadian mobile (BB) but sad to see that they are not popular anymore!

I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi Everyone,


I have been a Fido customer for a long time and I only realized today that there is a Fido Community!  It looks pretty cool, I'm looking forward to checking it out and connecting with fellow Fido-nians Smiley  


Name, nickname?

Michelle, some people call me Michy, or "Michelle my Belle"


Cat or dog person?

Defintely a dog person - especially have a soft spot for bull dogs.  Cats are adorable though Smiley


Coffee or tea?

I like coffee over tea normally, but I love a nice green tea latte!  


Favorite meal?

I like going out for vietnamese/thai food, but my comfort meal is curry goat with rice and peas!  


Fun fact about yourself?

I am double jointed in my thumbs and toes.....and can do something funky with my tongue lol 

I'm also half chinese, mixed with jamaican, irish and indian!


Ultimate vacation destination?

I have been to Jamaica a few times and love it, but I have never anywhere in Canada outside of Ontario or Quebec - I would love to go to British Columbia!


Anything else?

I just upgraded my plan and ordered my first Huaweii device (both a phone and a tablet).  Looking forward to trying out the cool camera on the Huaweii P20 Pro!  

Hey @Friscorava

Welcome to the community!  We hope you enjoy your new phone Very_Happy