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Don't get your friend (and yourself) into a scam "Refer-a-friend"

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I have referred a friend back in September 2020, my friend has been follow the instructions and I got an email saying I'm qualified for 1 month free service now, but now it's mid-January 2022 and I still not getting my credit yet. I've been calling fido custom service and I even went into the actual fido store. This referral credit did not keep what they promise their clients, so far it's been over 3mo+ I still not getting any credits from refering friend, all their responses are asking me if my referred friends following the instructions, it get me angry and I really want to ask them Have your fido refer-a-friend team really do their job and know what they are doing???  It seems like they offered the deal but its overwhelming to them and they can't handle them anymore. I'm deeply disappointed to their customer service as well the troubleshooting skills. If their team can't even handle simple thing like issue out "Refer-a-friend credit" what else the problems are out there that we haven't yet encounter with? The biggest mistake I made is to refer my friends using Fido.


Hi @ChelseaC , sorry that you are having difficulty getting your referral discount. I've done a couple in the last year and they went through without a hitch. Have you checked the status again on your referral page? It will show successful or pending or waiting for more information. I'd check that first and then try interacting with @fidosolutions on Twitter to have it looked into further. I hope you get it resolved,  that's not the way the program is supposed to work and I am sure it will be rectified. Take care