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Winback offer was pulled back after coming back to Fido

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had been with Fido for several years and received a promotion from another provider and decided to move. 

After porting my number received a phone call from the winback team with an offer, after giving all my details including the province I live in and the agent received confirmation from her manager, I accepted the offer.  


The same day, after confirming the plan with Fido customer services one more time, I returned my phone and cancelled my plan with the other provider. 


I wanted to activate my sim card port my number with the offer I have but was told the offer is not in the system. The offer that had been confirmed by 3 different Fido agent was all of a sudden did not exist after coming back to Fido. 


There was no attempt from the Fido side, within the next week after cancelling my plan with the other provider, to explain that there was a mistake or to provide other offers that could be given.  


I contacted Fido several times over the course of the last 15 days to resolve the issue, customer services couldn't help and blamed the winback department. I called the winback department and they blamed their employee for giving a wrong offer and did not try to solve the issue or to match the offer that had been promised. 


The winback team claimed they don't have the authority to continue with the offer that was given and told me to wait for a call from the verification department with no time frame. 


I received the call during a meeting and asked them to call me back in 20 minutes. This was 3 days ago and I have not received another call from Fido. The winback team said they can't promise another call from a verification department. 


This whole mess has cost me significant time, effort and frustration. Offering a plan to a customer to bring them back to your company just to cancel to offer after they come back does not seem ethical or professional and is not legal under the Consumer Protection Act of Ontario.


So far I have talked to 7 different people at Fido and not a single person had the authority to resolve the issue. 


I am very frustrated and disappointed with how Fido has handled this and hoping to find a solution as soon as possible. 




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @drkhn


This is definitely not the kind of experience we want for our customers. I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at this together.


Talk to you soon!