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Poor customer service experience... 4hrs wasted

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Hi everyone,

I am writing this post to share my bad experience with Fido after being a loyal customer for more than 5 years...

My next step is to escalate it to CCTS, as my experience was disapointing and made me rethink about being proud to be a Fido customer...

It all started this boxing week when I was looking to buy a new device to upgrade the one I have. I am already a Costco member so, I am able to grab a deal from almost any high-end carrier here in Alberta with a lot of dicounts (300$ device credit, waiving connection fees, additional Car charger and Bluetooth headphones), not to forget the fact that I am a shaw internet subscriber too, so I can get 25 GB + Unlimited text and talk for 25$/month.

My 1st call was almost a week back trying to get a better deal from a "customer service representative" working formy Loyal carrier (Fido), and it ended up with a lecture about the quality of the phone that I am looking for and nothing more...

My 2nd call was two days back with another "customer service representative" who walked me through the purchase of the device, and acted as part of the loyalty team ( as someone mentioned later... cross-trained ). According to the representative, I was given the best deal and they will match "Costco boxing week deal" as the phone I am looking for is not sold at Costo wireless etc. Anyway, I ended up with a deal 7 GB for 45$ a moth, which is not the best as Reddit forums are mentioning and they did not even try to match the price they are offering for new customers or the "winning back program... 25 GB for 35$). In addition, I was offered by the representative a 100$ extra discount which I asked her to document and I got the "reference number" of our interaction.

Today, after getting an email about shipping my device and the assigned plan, everything was totally different from what we discussed while purchasing the device and adding the new line.

I called to check about the issue...

My 3rd call the "customer service representative" did not bother to call me back when the line was disconnected, eventhough, I waited for almost 30 minutes to take the call back.

My forth call with another "customer service representative" was a long phone call which lasted more 81 mins 38 secs was another surprise for me. The representative started to read through my interaction with the previous representative, agreed almost of all what I told her, as it is documented with a reference number and at the end, it was denying and trying to misinterpret what was written for not giving me what I was offered.

I call this deciving clients to take what they are offered, however, not complying with offers to give something different and misinterpreting documented conversations to serve what they are only able to do. This is not the way they should deal with loyal custmers, especially if we already have options and "freedom" to choose. It is not about money, it is a matter of commitment and honesty, I cannot trust them anymore.

A case has been initiated to contact a supervisor, 24-48 hrs what a joke, 20th in the queue ( So many complains, not many trained people to resolve issues... 😂). 

Planning to cancel all of my accounts with Fido after paying some left balance on my previous devices... would take it to Marketplace and CTV as I am looking for this call with the supervisor to end up pulling the call recotdings and comparing it to what I have been told by the representative. If this is not gonna happen, then CCTS will be next, as I need a fair judegment for this behavior. Not missing a bill in 5 yrs, all accounts are in good standings and being confronted by non-trained employees to waste almost 4 hrs of my time.

Thank you "FIDO".....

Updates are on the way...


I'm a Contributor Level 2
I'm a Contributor Level 2

My experience for the most part is Rogers/Fido support is better than Telus/Bell/Fido/Freedom Mobile. That doesn't mean they are good, it just means they are the best of the worst. Customer service like people's morals,ethics, and sensibilities are declining at an alarming rate. This pandemic has shown us how common it is these days.


I have been in touch with the "Office of the President" and they are well aware of various customer services issues, in particular, with Fido. 

While I have a really good plan with Fido, their mobile service including wi-fi calling has issues in BC. Once better deals are offered with the others, I will switch back. I have tried them all and one thing that they all have that Rogers/Fido doesn't is better [overall] network service and performance. However, I'm thankful Rogers/Fido tech support is located in Canada unlike the other providers. 

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1


Honestly, I got confused hearing different reps saying different things.

Training staff to manage a new system is hard in normal situations, how about doing it with a pandemic, I totally agree with you. As in every job, you will find someone who knows the basics, others are able to step above learning more and some could just ace it and those should be the best fit.

As for emotions, shouldn't be a part of any of the employee's problem, as technically behavioural challenges cannot be fixed.

Regarding the Network, I had one issue 3 years back, they approached it professionally, and that could be the reason that I was surprised when I contacted the customer service to help me buy a device (could be the pandemic too).

I have been with Fido almost 5 yrs, got 3 lines, 3 devices... all of them were through retailers, one of these retailers was Costco.

I am not saying that you should not take what they give you online, however, it would be better if you go through retailers as they can give you better promotions.

The switching that you have mentioned in your post, I knew about it recently and could have saved me a lot of headache.

Thank you for sharing your experience, it is much appreciated.


I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Hi again,

The monthly bill showed up, it looks good, just 4$/month more than expected. Which is fine with me.

Just giving my the final feedback to share my experience.

I am a career Advisor with Computer Engineering background. Some employees are just "Black & White", and they cannot think outside the box. Empathy and interpersonal skills cannot be seperared, as if you don't have or at least know what empathy is, then your interpersonal skills, problem solving, connecting to customers and multitasking skills will be affected as well.

As I mentioned in my previous reply, could be just the rep(s) you are dealing with.

I already had many bad experiences with reps, however, got good ones too.

If you find that the rep is just saying what she/he/they can read, it means, she/he/they is either newly trained, a little bit anxious of having mistakes or she/he/they is just working for money and trying to count the hours toward the end of the day. Hang up, call another one, make sure to let them do everything in written and get a "ref#" for your interaction. Using text chat option is a better way to send yourself a copy by email too.

Thank you everyone who already tried to help, some names are mentioned above, and many more...

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Hi again,


I know, I am giving time to write my experience with the Fido reps.... still, I was on the phone for longer time...

I am just writing to make things right, and to share things could be used by other Fido customers in case they are facing/already faced the same situation(s).

Overall, each company would have unexperienced reps, and according to my last two interactions. I think that things started to clarify...

Rep#1 today, I called to report that the device linked to my cancelled number is already shipped and FedEx is attempting delivery. I contacted FedEx and asked to hold the package at a close dispatching facilty. According to what I was told by the FedEx lady, if I don't accept the package within 5 days, then it should be returned to the shipper ( in this case, it is supposed to be Fido ). However, the rep went telling me that I have to accept the package, and return it to Canada Post and make sure that it is safe ( Whaat!!¡¡... I have to be accountable about something I already cancelled, and did not even receive ). I asked to reactivate the line for me to accept the package and I will consider keeping the phone in that case, and I will pay the required fees. Nope... He said that it is impossible and I have to return the phone ( The one that I did not receive yet ). When I asked to talk to his supervisor, he went crazy asking me why? and my answer was, I am not legally accountable about something I did not receive or use... anyway, he put me on hold and left...

I called again, the sequence of the call center changed and my call was directed to another rep( think she is a Supervisor ), I didn't get a lot of options to press before the connection, and the  all was picked up by "Diana", she was very polite and a good listener. She reactivated the line, and she told me that I was right about not being charged if I refused the package though.

According to the 1st rep, I had to accept the phone, get charged 15100+ CAD, then return by Canada Post and they have to check if it is in good condition!!!.

By the way, I wasn't given better discounts, I even ended up paying a little bit more than what I was going to pay before. But, I reconsidered the good service in Fido.

It is all about the reps you deal with after all, and the way they communicate the messages and how far they are of good listeners.

I will mark this issue as "resolved" after getting my next bill and activating the device which I am supposed to get it from FedEx to verify that it is already resolved.


Thank you Diana, Saad and Phil...


I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Hi Saad,


Thank you for reading through my post, I believe that it was just what I said, putting customers on the line with not enough experience/trained employees to represent Fido's customer service.

I replied to your PM to see if there are some solutions to adapt my needs as a user instead of what I was told during my phone calls that they are not able to resolve, and the funny part is that they could resolve it without escalating that to a supervisor and letting me wait 24-48 hrs...

Happy New Year,

My pleasure, we're here to help after all.


We've receive your reply and we'll continue with you in private to take a closer look at your account.


Happy new year to you as well Smiley


Hey there @A_Ismaiel


Thanks for sharing your situation, your feedback is greatly appreciated. I'd like to apologize on the recent experience we've provided as that is not the kind of service we'd want to offer.


Have you had the chance to speak with a supervisor or to have the situation resolved yet? Either way, I'll be sending you a PM to review the situation with you, and hopefully we can turn your experience around.


Talk to you soon Smiley

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Hi everyone,

First line is cancelled as there is no outstanding balance ( Hope they execute the cancellation according to the discussion made, this time, it was a chat agent and everything is documented through an email ), the issue is still handled the same way as before...two other lines are on the way to be cancelled ...