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Paying Final Bill

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I have cancelled my account with Fido and now with another provider. However, the bill was created before I cancelled, which has a total owing of $126.21 (this is for a previous month which I had switched to another plan for $50 + what I owe for the upcoming month). However, I am no longer a customer so I wouldn't be paying for that upcoming month. So, I should have a new total less than $126.21. I’ve been getting conflicting answers for what I should do. I ONLY want to pay for the services I used, however, Fido is telling me that I can pay in full now and then get refunded. Um, no. Why am I giving them my money and then they refund? I just want to pay the amount I owe and that’s it. So if I do so, apparently I will have to pay a late fee because I technically have money owing for when the final bill arrives. I am very confused and should NOT have to pay a late fee for something I apparently have no control over. What should I do??



Hey @applesa,


I understand where you're coming from and that you only wish to pay for services that you were provided with.


Since the account was cancelled after the billing cycle date and after the bill came out though, the monthly fees for the full month were charged and regular due dates apply for the invoice. In the case where the payment isn't received before the due date, a late fee does apply. 


I assure you though that you will only end up paying for the days in the cycle that you actually had service with us as we'll refund you for the number of days in the cycle that the account was closed on your last bill.


If you make your final payment by credit card, you can contact us once the final bill is out and we can send a request to have the negative balance refunded to your credit card to speed up the process of you receiving the funds back.


You can reach out to us at that time through here.