Long Distance Charges Disputes

Long Distance Charges Disputes

Long Distance Charges Disputes

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Long Distance Charges Disputes

I have been with for FIDO for more than 15 years now and having 3 phone lines in use under the account.

I have been a very happy FIDO customer UNTIL the email I received yesterday night.....


As a perk for the 2nd phone line, FIDO gave me an 1000 international minutes "free" per month for the phone line.


While I don't aware or remember the perk ending in Feb 2020, I have used 232 international minutes for last month. As a result, FIDO charged me with the rate of $0.95 a minutes. It jacked my bill with an additional $220.40 for the month. While FIDO have international package with $5 a month which charge $0.03 a minutes for international. In summary, after the perk ended the rate they charged was 32 times higher.


I understand that perk may end and I called the customer service hotline but they say they cannot adopt the package rate (i.e. $5 + $0.03/minute) for Feb-Mar 2020 biling cycle and the agents insisted that I have to pay $0.95 per minute for past month, even for a loyal customer which having 3 active lines.


I hope someone can tell me how a long term loyal customer will be heard by FIDO. All I ask is adopting a fair rate for the month. I hope an answer and resolution will arrive soon before my wife knows about the bill 😅.


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I have the same issue. Charged for $742 for 495 mins. Nowhere it was mentioned in my plan or agreement that it will end after 24 months. 

Please suggest where to raise the despute. Because the customer care says go to store and get it resolved. I am sure store guys will say, go to customer care and get it resolved.


Did https://www.ccts-cprst.ca help anyone?

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Hey, Same thing happened with me. They didn't notify me once that they removed the add on and I was charged 610$ for one month, and when I tried to ask for help they were like you have to pay the amount otherwise it will impact your credit. It was soo frustrating especially being an international student, I think Fido should be considerate to students who comprise of a majority of their customers. 

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Hi Bharat. Was your issue resolved. I have the exact same issue where they charged me additional 350 dollars over my normal bill for 212 minutes. There was no notification or intimation about the end of the international minutes. For fido to say that this is a promotional offer for 24 months and getting away with unscrupulous tactics to make money, it is extremely disrespectful. Were the ccts able to help you with this. 

Hey @ksk1989


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We're sorry to hear about the unwanted charges you have received on your invoice. We certainly do not want any such surprises for our customers. That said, customers are only billed for the usage that is made and validated from their Fido sim card according to the rules and regulations enforced by the CRTC.


It is important to note that we do not provide notifications for airtime usage. However, our customers can monitor their usage 24/7 through their Fido account. How do you manage your usage?



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Hi @ksk1989 I have raised complaints with CCTS and also posted a tweet about it. https://twitter.com/bharatdodeja/status/1406370730812403713


I hope someone at Fido really cares about their customers and provide help. 

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I was fortunate enough to get the refund of long distance charges after raising it with CCTS.


I hope this helps. 

Hello @bharatdodeja,


I definitely understand how important it is to be made aware of changed within your account. If your international long-distance add-on expired, it would've been shown on your bill at least one month before the expiry date. Also, if you change plan and your add-on expires, you would receive an e-mail letting your know that it would be taken off your account.


We make sure you're made aware of all changes to make sure no one has any unexpected charges.


Hope this helps! 

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But in my case, I was not sent an email about add-on expiry. In fact, add on was not supposed to be expired, as per my plan.


I wish what you are saying would have been the reality.

Hey there!


We sent you a private message but never heard from you. Please get back to us in private and we'd be happy to review your account with you.



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I hope your situation will be resolved.

Hi @bharatdodeja


Let me go ahead and send you a PM. 


Talk soon. 


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Hi Smiley

Normally the ccts is to fill a complaint after all things done. The first step to do is to go in the Fido Store., and recontact the customer service. If after your issue is not resolved you can contact the ccts, but you need proof to confirm the steps fido give u doesnt work. You can try to contact Fido first.

Have a nice day Smiley It's been a pleasure to assist you today.

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Now I have a chance to read the original contract. it never mentioned the 1000 minutes free international call feature has an expiry date. So, I think I would look deeper to see why it got changed without my notice.

Hello EYIW,


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  Is that line still under contract? Were you subsidising a device? I believe most of the 1000 International minutes offers were promotional and usually provided for 24 months (as in current offer on Fido.ca). If your contract has ended, the 1000 International minutes would also have ended. While Fido generally allows their customers to keep grandfathered plans (on a month-to-month basis), promotions and discounts are not necessarily carried over in the same manner.


@EYIW wrote:...I understand that perk may end and I called the customer service hotline but they say they cannot adopt the package rate (i.e. $5 + $0.03/minute) for Feb-Mar 2020 biling cycle...

  Unfortunately, once the billing cycle has ended, they are unable to retrospectively make changes to your plans.


Hope this helps 😀





Hello @EYIW,


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Whenever any bonus feature or add-ons are coming to an end Fido always notifies us on our invoice of the end date 30-90 days before the end date.


If you get the preferred calling rate add-on now it will only work for calls going forward you can not have it applied to calls already made. 


I know this is not the answer you will be looking to hear but If you made the calls then the charges are valid and you will have to pay the bill.


If you are unable to pay the bill at once you can reach out to customer service and ask to set up a payment plan option to give you time to pay it off in smaller amounts.

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Now I have a chance to read the original contract. The contract never mentioned the 1000 minutes free international call feature has an expiry date. So, I think I would look deeper to see why it got changed without my notice.

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We just experienced this with our current plan, nowhere in our contract does it mention the 1000 free international minutes is limited to 24 months.
Especially in this current global crisis that is currently happening when calling family and friends internationally to keep in touch is so important.
Incredibly disappointed.
Have you heard anything else from Fido regarding this issue?
I will try and call them later today.

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Hey @EYIW and @pea2!


Just wanted to jump in that the 1000 minute promotion, does have an expiry date. In the past, it's generally been a 24 month promotion. We do warn you in the prior invoices before the discount ends.


That said, keep in mind this is a promotion, it's not part of your price plan, so it can end at any moment and this is aligned with our terms.


I hope that helps! Smiley



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I thought, I'm the only one to get harrased, untill I read this thread. 

I'm on a 50$ monthly plan with 1000$ long distance calls included. Today I got a SMS stating my outstanding amount is 2412$, and that's when I checked MyAccount and got to know that this promotion of 1000 min expired in Feb 2020 after having an  hour call with customer care.


I have raised a complaint to ccts today and hoping to hear from them.

But this is really disappointing and breach of trust, by not sending the customer emails/text about the expiry of the offer... Well you can't just give an excuse by mentioning 6 letters in the 10-12 page bill, that you notified the customer in advance. I'm not sure if this is the business model being followed at Fido in today's competitive world.

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Hey @Saum


We can understand that it can be a surprising situation to receive a bill that is higher than expected. I would like to take a closer look into this with you. 


I'll send you a PM so we can check it out together.