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Huge phone bill because of long-distance calls

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi guys


Need suggestion. I overused my long-distance minutes in fido so they charged me $968+tax more than my bill. It was my mistake :(. My mom is sick in India so I had to make many calls in the last few weeks, initially, we thought she got covid but thank god its not covid but she had to go to hospital multiple times for tests and scans. As I’m a bio student so I had to explain about my mom’s health treatments. I talk to the doctor over the phone and explain to my family about it.

With this stress, I couldn’t track the long-distance minutes usage…

I get a notification when I was about to hit my data limit and for long-distance calling I didn’t receive any warning so I was not aware of my minutes usage. I never went over my limit in the past years this is the first time.


I’m a student and my husband’s work is slow now so he is working reduced hours. Already we are in struggle and this paying 1000$ is seriously a lot for us. I called fido customer service to get some help but they said they can’t waive or reduce the amount. They said they can arrange some payment plans. Sad Is there any way I can request Fido to reduce the amount? Customer service told me to contact the billing section but even there no help. I’m so helpless now.


Please any help is valuable. I have 10 more days for the billing date. Please let me know what I should do now. I’m very depressed now, don’t know what to do.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I too was recently charged 220 extra for the international calls. This was my first month with FIDO and I was under the impression that I have international minutes as part of the plan and only end of the month got to know I was charged a lot and had to pay around 314 in total. It would be great if FIDO can help to reduce as it is a lot for me.

Hello @cherry569,


Welcome to the community!


I definitely understand how having a larger bill than expected can be frustrating. 

You're welcome to reach out via these methods if you need help with your account. 


Hey @Max_1986,


Welcome to the community! 


We're sorry to learn about this. We're glad your mom is doing better, and we wish her a swift recovery!


We can definitely understand how this situation didn't help the overage that took place recently. We'd love to take a second look into things with you. 


You can get in touch with our customer service, or we can send you a PM here if you prefer. 😊



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello @FidoLony 


Thank you so much for your reply...


I called fido customer service again and forwarded my file to the manager. The manager called me and helped me out. She said she was sorry for what happened and told me she can reduce the extra fee by 75%. Thanks so much to her and the other customer service representatives who were very kind and listen to me and tried to help me out. _/l\_.


She explained to me how to keep an eye on the usage because there won't be any warnings from fido if you go over your long-distance limit. The only way is to keep checking your usage in the app or online in fido my account.
She also mentioned that if I'm anticipating calling over 1000 mins, she told me to add the $5 addon for the international calls that will reduce the rates drastically ($.02 for India). ( Standard rate without add-on is $1.50/min)


I'll keep an eye on it.

Thanks for your message again. Smiley

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hey could you advice me how did you tackle the problem because i am in similar situation , i used to have 1000 min LD as a addon then i  buy a device on black friday with fido so they changed my plan but i added 1000 min LD on that plan as well but for some weird reason it didn't got activated and i got huge bill for $600 ,  being international student who can only work part time that's huge amount for me , when I asked customer care they told because 1000 min LD wasn't compatible with that plan it didn't activated but i never got this error message or warning , so i was completely anware of that , If any one help with this i will be really grateful 

Hello Vivek01,


  I replied to your other post here.


Hope this helps 😀





Thanks for the update @Max_1986


Happy to hear that we were able to assist you in the matter and come to a resolution Smiley