How to set up voice mail?

How to set up voice mail?

How to set up voice mail?

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How to set up voice mail?

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Press and hold the "1" key on your phone for a few seconds to access your Voice Messaging service.

The first time you access your Voice Messaging service, you'll be prompted to create the following:

Your own personal access code (4 to 5 digits long)
A personal greeting and a recording of your name (your voice signature)
Note: You can’t keep the default greeting, and your voice signature can’t be deleted once it’s recorded.
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how to setup/activate voice mail and access code...please

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I have moved your message to this thread as it deals with the same topic. You'll find your answer right here.


You can also check this page for more informations on voice messaging.


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When I call my voicemail it says I don’t have access to voice messaging and suggests 611 for help then hangs up the call. 

Hey @marie-eveo


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Did you make any changes to your account/line recently? It could be the reason why you don't have access to it


But no worries, you can definitely contact us and we'll update that with you Smiley

Hey @marie-eveo!


Were you able to get this sorted out? Are you now able to access your voicemail?

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No my voicemail still isn’t accessible. After call 611 they instructed me to turn on and off my device then to try again but there was no luck there. 

Hey @marie-eveo


Were you able to figure this out on your end? 

Let us know if you need help Smiley

Are you calling your voicemail by pressing and holding the number 1 on your keypad?


Are callers able to reach your voicemail and leave you a message?

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When I press and hold 1 I reach my voicemail but I have no access to it. No incoming callers can leave voice messages. 

Hey @marie-eveo


That definitely doesn't sound right. 


We'll need to take a look at the account in order to see why this is happening. 


I'll be sending you a PM shortly, let's continue there! Smiley 

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I have tried many times to set up voicemail without success. I cannot create a voicemail code and my cell number is not accepted either. How do I set up voicemail?


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I am having this problem and trying to set up voicemail for myself and my elderly parents. Did you get an answer?


Hello @sandara65


Did you follow the steps in @KAPABLE-K 's solution above? What message or result are you encountering afterwards? 


Please let the Community know and we'll be able to assess the situation and guide you. Smiley 



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I do not have s voicemail code or greeting nor will Fido let me create ome

@Meg576 I think you should call customer service because something is definetly not right from what you are saying. 

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Voice mail feature was not activated. After contacting customer service, voicwe mail is now working.

@Meg576 I'm glad you were able to get it working.

@Meg576 When you press and hold 1 on your phone what happens?

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When I try to set up voicemail I get a message to enter my 10 digit phone number and press the # key then I get a message telling me that this is an invalid number.
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Me too....frustrating.   WHAT'S THE SOLUTION?