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Filing a Complaint

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I want to file a complaint about a recent call to 611 to ask for support. Her name is Diksha and I talked with her on Dec 1, 2022 at around 7pm.


I had got a Pixel 6a phone on a deal. I was paying $10 per month and the customer support staff. And my phone bill was $53 for 15GB data


However there was a Cyber Monday deal where the phone price was reduced to only $0.01. I asked her if she can help me change to that offer. She said that can't be done.


However she then told me that she had a deal for me where I can get 20GB by paying less (only $50 per month). However she tricked me because she stopped any discount on my phone and changed it to around $29 per month!!!


This is a serious issue and I want it resolved. Also it would be great if Fido does not hire such rude specialists. I can provide more details about this when required.



Hey there @sourayon


It's important to note that your phone's financing cost will not be affected by a plan change, unless you opt out of your contract. Meaning that you'd still benefit form the same price and promotional bill credit, until the end of your 2 year term. For more info on our Fido Payment program, you can visit our support page.


@YW_325, for immediate assistance with your Fido services, you can reach out to us on these channels. Alternatively, you can use the live chat link on this page to report a concern.



I'm Helpful Level 1
I'm Helpful Level 1

The CRTC wireless code clearly says that Fido must disclose to you upfront all fees and charges for which you are responsible. They cannot surprise you after the fact and say "Well you ought to have known." Wrong. Fido ought to have told you.


You have the right to complain to the CRTC if Fido does not satisfy the issue to your satisfaction. Details here:



Hey @sourayon Smiley 

I'm sorry to read that you were disappointed with your recent experience with customer service.

You can reach out through any of the methods listed here in order to have your feedback sent to the right place. 


They'll also be able to go over your plan and see what can be done, as we definitely want you to be happy with your services! 

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

The link you provided does not work. I would also like to file a complaint