Fido porting nightmare

Fido porting nightmare

Fido porting nightmare

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Fido porting nightmare



is anyone else experiencing their old number not getting properly ported? I went to Freedom/Shaw and was called few days later by the winback team with an exclusive offer, and decided to come back to Fido.


Received the new sim by end of September or October 1st and requested my number to be ported. Was told this would take 2-3 hours max. Usually this would be done in 15 min - 1 hour max and never had a problem. I received an email from Freedom that my account has been deactivated, but my number still hasn't ported. So I decided to contact Fido again that evening, asking about the status. They said they made a mistake and a new request was made and this should be fixed by next day. 

Again nothing, asking about this again, was told a supervisor had to sent an email to the port team to get this fixed and would take 2-3 business days. 4 days later, nothing, asked again and there was something wrong with the email and they had to resend the email and I will have to wait another 2-3 business days. Now it is week 2, asked about the status of this, and was told my number has been successfully ported to Fido but to a number that I don't even know of, so to fix it they have it escalated to the higher ups and it should be fixed within 24 hours. Yes, you guess right, NOTHING! Called again, and was assured this was going to be done in 2-3 hours. NOTHING AGAIN! Now was told they have sent an email to the fallout team and are awaiting for a response and I this should be done by next day. Week 3 and I am still waiting to get resolved.


I would have just given up on the number but I have accounts bound to the number for login verification and I have not been able access them. So far this experience has been a nightmare. They can port you quickly when they sign you up, but once you are a customer they don't care at all!

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Oh boy, I am a new customer of Fido, my phone number was ported from Freedom mobile and I am starting regret I have done it. Fido's promo for Freedom customers (9GB for 39$) was for me very interesting, but now it is just a nightmare. When I went to the Fido shop, they didn't know about this plan anything, they didn't know how to set it up. I spent there more than 1,5 hours and the result was 4GB for 50$ and information, they are going to dealing with that. Still, I have only 4GB and the promise, they are going to provide me an 11$ discount. Furthermore, after my phone number was ported, I can't receive any verification messages. Before porting was everything ok, but since that time it just doesn't work and nobody is able to help me. At the store, they are absolutely unhelpful, they are done with me in minute with their result - HERE IS EVERYTHING OK, go to your bank. At the bank they told me, there is everything ok - I am not surprised, because before my number was ported everything worked well. So now I am waiting, if they are going to change my plan for 9GB for 39$ and if someone is able to help my with the verification messages issue.

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Today, after more than one week, when my phone number was ported from Freedom mobile, everything is solved. Your amazing agent Daniele helped me with my issues with data and it looks everything works well now. I am receiving the verification codes as well, so it seems to me that the "nightmare" is gone. Thank you to everybody who tried to help me. THANK YOU Smiley

Hey @freddyyyc


I'm really happy that you decided to come back to Fido but also sad to hear that it hasn't been an enjoyable experience at all. We definitely want you to be able to port back your number to us, we'll send you a PM so we can have a further look into this. 


@PeLeg, have you tried to reach out to a customer service representative already? We invite you to do so by clicking here. Let us know if you want us to send you a PM here instead. 


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@FidoAllan I did... Several times. But my problem is not solved yet. But today your agent promised me, that the issues with the plan for Freedom customers should be solved by tomorrow. So let see...


Thanks for the update @PeLeg


Just a quick follow up,was it resolved successfully?


Let us know Smiley

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Hi @FidoSaad.,

unfortunately, not yet. I can't still receive the verification codes and I still have only 4GB of data...

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I have still only 4GB (activation of my phone number was October 20.), just a bill apeared there...

Hey @PeLeg


In this case we would like to take a closer look into this with you. I'll send you a PM so we can further check out the details on the account together.