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$35 Suspension FEE

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi. Does anybody get same issue with my account? Fido suspend my line but it appears on my billing a $35. suspension fee. Really? correct me if i am wrong, they only suspend ur service if u requested it. Correct? And i paid my bill regularly. And it surprised me Feb. 4 i cant call and text not even received call and text, And i just paid my January 2020 bill for  $115.44. And i am so disappointed coz my bill was really big.. $1,232.00 really? and i didnt even used my data.. I cant even consumed my 10gig data. Coz i am at work everyday. How come they billed me like this big? Now i cant call tomy work  but they keep on getting $10.45 for device plan even i dont have service. Please help me. Not unless somebody else used my identity. 



Hey @lawabiding88


An account can be suspended for non-payment. It's not the same thing as a temporary suspension, which is requested by the customer.


We understand that receiving a higher bill than expected can be surprising! On our end, we only bill you for the monthly plan and any extra usage that is detected via your Fido SIM card. Also keep in mind that we block your data at $50 in overages and send you a data overage notification at that point. Only the customer can consent to continue using their data at their plan's overage rate and remove the block. 


Did you receive that message and accept to continue using data?


That said, when an account is suspended due to non-payment, a block is placed on the services. You are also billed a $35 administrative fee on your account because of collection efforts. Your account, phone number and SIM card will continue to be active on the network though. This helps avoid any cancellation fees and your phone number is reserved for you. 


Did you always pay all your bills in their entirety and were they received before the due dates? 


I would encourage you to contact our Credit Operations team to take a payment arrangement to avoid any collection activity on the account and lift the suspension from your account so you can continue using your services. You can reach them by dialing *732 from your phone or or 1-888-288-2106 from any phone.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was also charged this fee with no notice


I was late in payment though


But have been a good customer of both Fido and Rogers (where i keep my company accounts and multi lines)


I think the answer is too simply cancel and take my personal and corporate business to another carrier.  Reality is that Rogers and Fido network has many many holes in it for dropped service (much much more than Bell or Telus) - really i have been very surprised at the poor coverage and have even added a separate esim to my phone to get a Bell number so i always have coverage.


Fido and Rogers have work to do  (Fido seems hell bent on making customer service difficult by not providing any contact numbers etc)


Scott Lindsay

Hey Scott! I understand it is never great to receive a bill that is higher than expected. That being said, there are indeed administrative charges applicable when an invoice isn't paid on time. To help avoid these we usually recommend speaking with our credit operations team and coming up with a payment arrangement with them. 


We would hate to see you leave Scott, and would love the opportunity to review the network coverage with you. Our contact number and all the other ways to reach us can be found on our Contact Page


If you would prefer, we can even send you a PM from here instead. Just let us know! Smiley