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Fido Loyal Customer Receive Terrible Service and Offers

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

After 6 years with Fido, today is the day I'm officially moving to a different provider.

My plan was in the $60 a month bracket and the promotions I received as a loyal customer were always in that bracket or higher.
My friends pay $40 a month and that is their bracket, the promotions they receive have to do with that.

I never really needed the promotions for the $60 bracket and even though I have 8 GB of internet, I only use a fraction of that so every time my friends got a great promotional offer in their $40 bracket and got more monthly GB, I really wanted to receive those offers as well.
I was also constantly exposed to commercials and sponsored ads on social media and how for lower monthly fees I can receive amazing plans that would have suited me perfectly.. So if I was a new customer or a loyal customer in a lower plan bracket I could have received what I wanted.. And I don't have a contract with Fido for a year now already so I would assume I can get any of those plans.. But no.

Today, once again, a representative told me I am not eligible for any of those promotions unless I literally leave Fido for a different provider (in order to transfer and keep my phone number) and then come back to Fido and pay connection fees, only then I will be eligible for the promos I keep seeing everywhere.

So today, I officially purchased a plan with a different provider with the identical promo offer I've been seeing everywhere by Fido and I don't even need to pay them connection fees. There is only so much a disappointed customer can endure. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Garzen


We're sad to learn you decided to leave us. Thanks for providing us your feedback regarding your experience.