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I am an international student and wanted an affordable plan so opted for the $55 plan with an additional $10 back to school discount. The first and the second bill didn't show the discount and I had to do a lot of back and forth to the center point Mall store and get it resolved. The store manager assured that it will be all right from the 3rd bill onwards that hasn't been the case, however. My current bill amount shows $70!!!!! and when I went to the same store manager to get it resolved he said there's nothing he can do and I should call the customer care and get it resolved myself. What is the point of going down to the store and seeking help from the manager when his response is call the customer service. It wasn't really a nice way to deal with the situation. 


I am an international student and a difference of $20 is not something I can overlook and it should be Fido's responsibility to update the information in the system. The response given by the manager was there are so many customers and only limited employees it is difficult to manage but you will get your discount eventually. This is really not acceptable.


Request you to kindly look into the matter


Hey @Rohit93


Thanks for taking the time to share your experience on the Community.

Now, that doesn't really sound like the kind of service we aim to provide. I can definitely understand how budgeting is important, especially for students. 

To look further into things with you and hopefully make things right, we'd need to have access into your account. 


Please contact us through one of our channels here or if you'd rather continue on the Community, we'll gladly send you a PM over here.


Please let us know. Smiley