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Complaint about the Misleading “Exclusive Offers” in Fido Account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been a royal Fido customer in the past five years, but I have to make a complaint about the MISLEADING "exclusive offers" in the Fido account.  

On May 12, a so-called exclusive offer popped up when I logged into my Fido account, which encouraged me to “upgrade your plan”.


At that time, my plan was Data 4GB for CAD 45/month plus a discount for 24 months (I entered a 2-year iPhone contract). 


Based on this exclusive offer, it seemed that I can get more data for the same price. Actually, 4GB data was enough for me, but it didnt hurt to get extra data for free. Since the deal was too good to be true, I made a call to Fido customer service to confirm whether it was true. After verifying my identity details and looked into my account, the agent confirmed “yes, it is real, you can get more data for the same price. You don’t need to pay more”.

On May 30, I accepted this exclusive offer in my Fido account online and afterward I received a confirmation email from Fido. 

Obviously, this exclusive offer was a trap!!! It compared my "current plan" and "new plan", showing the same price. But it didn’t indicate that my discount would be removed if I accepted the offer.

On May 31, I contacted Fido customer service to address this issue, but I didn’t get a reply.  


If you check out the “upgrade your plan” webpage now, you won’t find any information telling your existing discount will expire.

I have three questions:

  1. Why not indicate my “current plan” was CAD 35/month rather than CAD 45/month when comparing the “current plan” and “new plan” on your “upgrade your plan” webpage?
  2. Why not tell Fido customers that Fido would remove any existing discount if the “new plan” is accepted.
  3. Why the Fido agent confirmed that I would get extra data for free after looking into my existing plan? Obviously, this exclusive offer advertisement even misled the Fido agent.

I made a complaint to Fido customer service but Fido agent told me that they can’t do anything.

I am afraid that more and more “royal customers” will fall into the “exclusive offers” trap if the misleading thing is not rectified.



Hey @happyjane,


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We appreciate every opportunity that helps us improve the service we offer. Smiley


It's important to note that any discount/promotion customers receive is not part of their plan. These are limited-time offers on their accounts and expire on their set time, or when a customer makes changes that aren't compatible with the said discount. From what I understand, your first plan was $45 with which you were benefitting from a $10 discount. However, a change to an exclusive/loyalty plan removed that discount. 


Exclusive plans are packed with the maximum benefits and cannot be combined with bonus, discounts. I am truly sorry that you weren't informed of that. 


Did you change the plan yourself or was it changed by the agent you spoke with?


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Did you not read this person's entire post?  He called and spoke to an agent.