Chinese (or else) recorded call almost everyday !

Chinese (or else) recorded call almost everyday !

Chinese (or else) recorded call almost everyday !

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Chinese (or else) recorded call almost everyday !

Almost everyday, I am receiving a recorded call in Chinese (or else) ! This has been for months, now. Anybody else receiving this annoying call ? Every time, the source calling number is different. No way to stop this ?

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Re: Chinese (or else) recorded call almost everyday !

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I know it's never fun to be getting unwanted calls. I, myself, have been receiving these type of calls from time to time too. 


Your best bet in this situation would be to report the callers to the to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. You can reach them online or by calling 1-888-495-8501.

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I've been getting weird scam calls for months now. I ignore unknown numbers and they go to my voicemail instead. Not all of them leaves a message, but those that do are nearly always the exact same one -- a woman who speaks in Mandarin and says the exact same opening words. (I immediately skip out, so I don't remember the rest of it.) They call with different numbers, but with the same message, so it's safe to say it's a scam. 


Anyways, recently, a number (+18668883436) who claims to be Fido Customer Service on call display, did the same thing. 


This is both a warning to anyone who reads this and a question: how do I stop this these calls?

Hey @H3110,


I have moved your message in this thread as it is about the same topic  (Chinese spam calls). Hopefully, you will be able to go over the answers provided by our members. 


Having said that, our Chinese team will not make an outgoing call. You can learn more about how to protect yourself from spam calls here.

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This is for the birds, I'm on my second "Fido'd Chinese voice dept." this morning, the calls are getting more frequent, not less. I'm getting 5 or 6 calls a week, six months ago it was 2 or 3.


Seems to me, Fido does not care!!!

Hey @biffowitz!


We are indeed aware of these spam attempts pretending to come from our Chinese department. Please note that we are aware of the situation and working on a permanent fix, namely universal call blocking.

When it comes to spam calls, we suggest being very vigilant and to not provide any personal information.
It's always best to not answer a call from a number you don't know, as most people who are trying to reach you for legitimate reasons will leave a voicemail.

If you're using an Android device, you can block calls from certain numbers, by adding them to the device “Block Numbers” settings in Phone > Settings > Block Numbers.
The blocked numbers will be redirected to the voicemail.

If you have an iPhone, you'd instead need to click on the Phone icon, click on "Recents" then on the "i" next to the phone number you want to block, then click on "Block this call" at the bottom.

Following the tips provided above won't stop all fraudulent calls, but it should at least help reduce the number received!

I hope this helps!


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I have been blocking these calls, but they (obviously) keep changing numbers. However, just now I received one that actually appeared to originate from Fido's main number (1-888-481-3436) - I don't think I want to block that...?

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@drzee hi ! I agree that is Fido main number! Therefore, I would suggest you not block it!


Ps They might have attempted to reach you for a promotion, about your account or following on one of your request?


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Hi - no, it was an automated message like all the other scam calls, starting with "This is a message from Fido Chinese voice". I hung up at that point.

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@drzee @FidoSolutions can you please inform

the status of your number

Fido contact Information 

seems main number looping with your mandarin Chinese reply service number !?

Thank you!

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Thanks for the reply Vanessa

Not picking up the phone isn't really a solution. At some point I have to go into my voice mail and delete Chinese voice message. Also blocking calls did nothing to stop this, the phone numbers are always different.





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I'm a Participant Level 2


Here is what I do. When receiving this kind of calls, after some tray and fail, I found that "0" is the option to speak to a "real person" - chines scammer. They don't speak English so he will hang up after he sees that you don't speak Chinese.

The whole point is to waste their time so they will not want to call you anymore.

Maybe it's just a coincidence but after using this method on all kind of scammers I have not received CRA, credit card, or car related scam calls in more than 2 months. Plus, I learned how some scam schemes works and had some fun Smiley

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@StM I like your enthusiasm Smiley


Maybe you haven't got those calls again because they've now already suceeded establishing a link to your line! 

  Ever heard of dormant virus?

 VOIP it's all coding!

Chinese are pretty bright at IT and make most our devices.


I suggest not to answer unless you know the caller.




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I'm a Participant Level 2

One time during a conversation with CRA scammers I got a spoofed phone call from Montreal RCMP so, you never know who's really calling you. Awareness is the only weapon we have.


Dormant virus - yes, heard about it. How to to send them through SIP trunks (although my android phone is not a SIP endpoint) - no, didn't heard but you made me curious about it. I will appreciate if you could share a link where to find more info. In case you are right, I guess I wont have to even answer the phone, they will send the malware the same way we receive the emails or text messages - without acknowledging the receipt.


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Hello @StM 

Your android and every phone out there are using the same protocol VOIP UC RTP .. I will not get into too much details ..and acronyms lol 


Just know  that it is possible to pass packets. I agree with you better to know than not. so out of the many XEPs of XMPP - Extensible Messaging and Presence protocol (Open Source) See here --> Jingle 


Best regards

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OMG! I HAVE BEEN TOLERATING THIS FOR MORE THAN A YEAR! I thought I was the only one! At this point I'm absolutely fedup because I run a business and I pay Fido thousands of dollars a year for their service yet I have started to feel like maybe this service has become cheap and doesn't have protection as it should for people who pay A LOT! This is absolutely bonkers! This automated Chinese msg calls me 2-3 times everyday, leaves voicemails and then when I block them, they call from a different number. I am calling Fido now and deactivating my voicemail service. 

Hello @Xaxmbr,


That's not the impression we want you to have! Indeed, this situation affects every Canadian and it is irrespective of provider or plan. 


With that said, please rest assured, that we know that it's a known issue and we're currently working on a fix! 



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Im getting deluged by this garbage 3-5 times a day and its filling up my voicemail as well. sppofing numbers using voip most likely but Fido needs to keep me happy and waive the change my phone number fee or lose me altogether.

Hello Jimmer69er,


  I think everyone is rather fed up about getting SPAM and SCAM calls from spoofed numbers. Unfortunately, there currently isn't much that any of the mobile providers can do to prevent them. 


  While I'm not sure changing your phone number will reduce the number of spoofed SPAM/SCAM calls you receive, you should note that there is no charge if you do the change yourself via My Account (see here).


Hope this helps 😀




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Hey Fido,

These Chinese calls always go to my voice mail which makes it worse. Now I have to check voice mail to find out it is a scam, then delete it. I'm getting these calls about every second day. Could you not change your voice system to:

a: When you reject an incoming call it does not go to voice mail, it just hangs up

b: Could you setup voice mail so that a user action has to occour before a message can be left. Example: after your message the caller needs to press 5 (or some number of my choosing), to be able to leave a message. That should stop most of these calls going to voice mail and if there is a real human and legit caller, they can leave a message.

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If its not in my address book it is bogus. I use an app called "truecaller" to drop all incoming calls to voicemail., I don't accept calls from outside Canada. If I must deal with a US company it is by email initially and then by video call initiated by me. If they can't do business that way, then I find another company. I never deal with calls from other countries. They are all bogus. People I deal with outside North America do so on social media or Skype.

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Why not help us in the meantime and provide a dedicated department to report them to, and you block them for us once and for all? For us to block it requires saving it with a name first, then blocking it. Give us one touch blocking!

Don't allow numbers on the network that aren't verified, or prevent selling of massive series' of numbers to individual entities, and if they are part of a large purchase by an org, then mark them as potential spam before allowing them on Fido's network. Even better, sell numbers only to residents of Canada.. There are ways, Fido.

 Sure, we would need other companies to follow suit, but somebody has to do something! Besides, once they see the additional revenue you'd make by actually showing concern would be enough for them to try harder, too. Right now there's no real way to block them unless we do it for you on our devices which is time consuming enough considering that it shouldn't even be happening in the first place. This is YOUR service. Help US.

You should be blocking them for us. Aside from that, it could be promoted to increase sales and new customers because it would look authentically like you're trying to please us.

We are willing to work with you, so let's get on it.